10 WWE superstars with history of having used marijuana

The Godfather of weed

Randy OrtonProfessional wrestlers have a hectic schedule. They are on the road for more than 300 days in a year and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if they look for some unique ways to relieve their stress.Some superstars find solace in music, others hang out and then there is this special category that turns to marijuana for relief. (No, I’m not endorsing weed and saying that it relieves stress)Smoking weed might still be frowned upon in current society, but it is hard to blame these superstars right?With that said, this list is going to take a look at those superstars who are known to have a habit of smoking weed on a regular basis.

#10 The Godfather

The Godfather of weed

The Godfather was one of the standout gimmicks during the attitude era.

Wrestling was enjoying mainstream success during the time and most of WWE’s restrictions were loosened up as they were busy plotting against WCW. Charles Wright, who played Godfather, made good use of the situation and used slang in his promos that had hidden meanings related to marijuana.

Wright has admitted numerous times about being a weed smoker but incorporating it in his promos was something that not many superstars in the WWE did.

It was an intelligent move from him and it also shows that the upper management back then had no idea about such things.

#9 Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick looks like a typical stoner

Brian Kendrick was assigned the task of training Eva Marie recently and he did a fairly good job. This made one wonder why Kendrick did not get the proper limelight while he was wrestling in WWE as an active superstar.

One of the major reasons for Kendrick not making it big in the WWE is his smoking habits. Kendrick admitted in interviews that he was a constant smoker of Marijuana and also said that WWE fined him numerous times for this.

This was also cited as the reason for his departure from the company. Kendrick is apparently on good terms with WWE again and hopefully we could see him wrestle in the main roster at some point in the future.

#8 Booker T

Booker T- an illustious stoner

Booker T had an illustrious career in the wrestling business. He is a five-time WCW Champion and has won 35 championships in different promotions like WCW, WWE, and TNA.

There are no arguments against how successful Booker was as a wrestler, but that is not the theme of the list, is it? Booker T once admitted that he left WWE due to the company’s strict policies against drug usage.

Booker is also a constant visitor at the annual medical marijuana convention called HempCon. Booker might not be using weed these days, but he clearly had a long history with the substance while he was an active wrestler.

#7 Evan Bourne

The high-flyer Evan Bourne likes to get high too

Before Neville came in and conquered gravity, Evan Bourne was the favorite high-flying show-stealer of the WWE Universe.

Bourne was part of some great spots throughout his WWE stay and most of them were worth the highlight reel. However, Bourne’s career with WWE went through rough patches due to his smoking habits.

Bourne was suspended for smoking marijuana in 2011 and after his return, he was suspended again for the same reason. He was the Tag Team champion back then and the suspensions in close succession forced WWE to take the gold away from him.

Bourne was later released from the WWE in 2014 and he now works in the independent circuit.

#6 Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman has been vocal against the WWE about weed

Sean Waltman was in the news recently for mouthing off about Chyna and Triple H and this was not the first time he was embroiled in controversies.

Waltman is a reputed ‘stoner’ in the wrestling business and he went as far as supporting Evan Bourne when the high-flyer was suspended back in 2012. Waltman said that WWE should stop their habit of suspending superstars for smoking something which is legal.

Waltman has a history of getting caught with weed and he used to smoke it backstage during Raw tapings. He was even arrested at the airport in 2010.

Waltman kept a tab on the habit back in 2013 and the decision was welcomed with warm hands by the WWE, who gave him a bigger role in the company.

#5 MVP

MVP- most valuable pothead?

MVP came into WWE with a lot of hopes. He had the talent to be a main-eventer in the business but unfortunately, MVP was restricted to being a mid-card superstar at best.

He did win the United States title and Tag team titles during his stay, but MVP deserved better.

Speaking about his history with the herb, MVP admitted that he was a constant weed smoker in 2009. MVP said that he wanted to take a trip to Afghanistan with WWE as there was a lot of pot grown there.

He tried cutting back on the habit due to WWE’s strict policies, but never gave up fully and it could’ve been the reason why his career never broke the glass ceiling.

#4 Jack Swagger

‘Getting stoned with Swagger’

Jack Swagger’s career in WWE has been a rollercoaster ride. He has been on the top numerous times and he has taken the fall on other occasions.

Jack Swagger earned a chance to challenge for the World heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 29 when he won the No.1 Contenders match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

However, just days after his big win, Swagger was pulled over for the possession of weed.

WWE did not suspend Swagger for some reason and he did go on to headline WrestleMania afterwards, but the arrest did leave a black mark on his career that is still going through a lean phase.

#3 Randy Orton

Randy Orton seems to have escaped countless suspensions

Randy Orton will be recognized as a veteran in the business. He has been at the top level for almost two decades now and is still going strong.

Orton has a bad record of breaking WWE’s Wellness Policy. While the company takes some great measures after three violations, Orton, for some reason has managed to break the rules five times.

He is known to be an avid toker and it is hard to say whether Orton has given up on the same or not. It’s not like he calls the police and says, “Hey, there, I’m going to smoke some weed, why not come and catch me?”. Jokes apart, I’m still wondering how Orton got away with five violations.

#2 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has had drug-related problems other than weed too

Just like most of the other superstars in the list, Jeff Hardy has a bad reputation when it comes to smoking weed.

He is one of those biggest stoners in the wrestling business and he has gotten into quite a soup due to his addictions. Hardy violated WWE’s Wellness Policy numerous times and WWE took strong measures against Hardy. He was fired back in 2003 and left the company following suspension during his second spell.

Despite being a main event talent, Hardy failed to find the consistency in WWE due to his addictions and if it wasn’t for these, we would have been still watching him in the weekly shows of WWE.

Imagine that.

#1 Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam used to smoke up before matches

Rob Van Dam’s encounters with weed are no secret in the wrestling community.

In fact, he might be the most trolled superstar from the list whenever the topic of weed pokes up. Van Dam has been campaigning for the legalization of marijuana and he has gone on to state his opinion about the same on various stages as well.

Van Dam incorporated the weed smoking habit into his gimmick and it ended up being a successful story. The biggest bump in Van Dam’s career came in 2006 when he was busted for possessing Marijuana.

He was the ECW and WCW champion back then and Van Dam was forced to drop the titles after the arrest.

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