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10 superstars who should switch brands after Wrestlemania 

Which WWE superstars are in need of a change once the road to Wrestlemania is finished?

Top 5 / Top 10 01 Feb 2018, 20:52 IST

Which superstars would benefit from another WWE draft?
Which superstars would benefit from another WWE draft?

Wrestlemania season is upon us and for a lot of the WWE roster, that means a big match on the grandest stage of them all and a big step forward in their career. This is not the case for every WWE superstar though and during this time period, it becomes apparent who the WWE has big plans for, and who they don't.

There are many talented wrestlers with no real sense of direction as we get on the road to Wrestlemania and a big reason for that is that there is no room for them to progress on their current brand. They are either woefully miscast on their current show, or there is nothing fresh or exciting for them to do.

This seems unlikely to change before Wrestlemania but once the big show is out of the way, the company like to shake things up in preparation for the coming year. It was just after Wrestlemania 33 that the company had their last superstar shake-up, so let's take a look at 10 superstars (or tag teams) who could do with finding themselves a new home once the dust has settled in New Orleans.

#1 Smackdown to Raw: Randy Orton

The Viper has run out of options on Smackdown
The Viper has run out of options on Smackdown

Randy Orton has done all there is to do on the Smackdown roster and his character is growing staler and staler with each passing week. The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion has spent the last several months as a side-show in the Shane McMahon/ Owens and Zayn storyline, and with Wrestlemania just around the corner, it looks as though the brand has very little to offer him.

Of course, because of Randy's status within the company, he could be instantly elevated, 'outta nowhere', to the WWE title picture but fans have grown tired of the same old feuds. A post mania feud with Shinsuke would be welcomed but a move to Monday nights would prove much more beneficial to The Viper.

While a feud with Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar is not exactly fresh, these are still matches we have only seen once or twice and Randy is more than legitimate enough to add a little bit of variety to a division dominated by big men.

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