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10 best Traditional Survivor Series matches

Daniel Crump
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Ten of the best.
Ten of the best.

In terms of WWE PPV concepts, many people used to see the traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 elimination match as one of their favourites. While we have the likes of Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series offered something even more unique - the sight of 4 or 5 men clubbing together to take on another team for ultimate bragging rights.

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This was often a way to make ongoing rivalries more intense or to begin some new feuds for next year's Wrestlemania.

Over the years, the importance of the 5-on 5-match has declined, with more familiar singles bouts for the world title taking the main event spot. However, we have seen some really fun and engaging matches over the years. Here is our list of the top 10 greatest ones:

#10 Survivor Series 2001 — Team WWF vs. Team Alliance

Not what we expected.
Not what we expected.

In a recent interview with Triple H, he stated that professional wrestling is generational, meaning that different age groups will have their own experiences and memories of the industry. One of the prime examples of this has to be the Invasion Angle from 2001 - which still stands as one of the most divisive issues in the history of the WWE. Some, for example, will scoff at the idea of the Survivor Series 2001 main event featuring so low on this list, whereas others will argue that it does not belong on here at all.

On paper, the concept of the storyline was very engaging, pitting three different wrestling promotions against each other. In reality, the whole angle, including this match, felt rather underwhelming.

Despite the match showcasing the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker, it all could have been so much more. In order to understand people's frustrations, one has to realise that while the Monday Night Wars were in full effect, people were constantly fantasizing about what would happen if a team from WCW met a team from the WWF.

And here we had a PPV that was offering all of this as a reality. The problem was, this wasn't exactly the kind of matchup people were fantasising about in the late 90s. We didn't get a showdown between the NWO and DX or The Rock and Ric Flair/Sting, instead, we had a chaotic confrontation involving people that were either lesser players for WCW or people who had never even wrestled for them - at least not in their prime.

It is difficult to separate Survivor Series 2001 from this backdrop, which makes the match hard to judge fairly. However, since it was a special occasion, of sorts, it does find its way onto our list.

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