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10 things British WWE fans know to be true

There are a few things we've grown accustomed to over the years.

Top 5 / Top 10 14 May 2017, 00:52 IST

United behind the WWE.

We Brits like to think of ourselves as the WWE’s third most important market after the US and Canada. Of course, the Mexican and Indian fans will have something to say about this, but however you view it, we in Britain love the WWE.

Professional Wrestling, while by no means the biggest sport in the UK, has a long history here, dating back to the legendary days of Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy on a Saturday Night. Recently, however, the vast majority of our wrestling experience has come from the states, and there are a few things we have learnt to live with over the years about the WWE’s relationship with us. Here are ten things in particular that British WWE fans know to be true:

#1 Summerslam 92 was the greatest Summerslam

A match for the ages.

When WWE fans think about Summerslam, they’ll no doubt think back to the epic 2002 show featuring Shawn Michaels and HHH in an unsanctioned street fight, as well as Brock’s triumph over the Rock in the main event. If you’re a British WWE fan specifically, however, there’s another show that will spring to mind. 

Summerslam 1992, live from Wembley Stadium, is still to this day, one of the best PPVs of all time, and a big part of that was the raucous London crowd in attendance. The show can around the main event match-up between The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, and his brother in law Bret Hart, for the Intercontinental Championship. These were the days when the IC belt could legitimately take centre stage, but having it main event as part of a feud between Hart and a hometown hero in Davey Boy was an extra stroke of genius by Vince.

It feels a bit strange to say it, but in many ways, this was a one-match card. The other bouts lower down the bill were entertaining enough, including a WWE Championship match between Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage, as well as a brilliantly worked opener between Shawn Michaels and Rick Martell. However, the show will always be remembered for that final sunset flip that awarded Davey Boy the IC belt in one of the biggest ‘pops’ ever recorded. 

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