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10 Things that made WWF 1993 (almost) Bearable

Here are 10 things about WWF 1993 that made watching the product at least a little bearable.

At least we had the Hart Brothers. 

Whatever your thoughts on the WWE product in 2017, at least we can take comfort from the fact that we will never have to endure 1993 ever again. For many, that year, at least in terms of entertainment value, was the worst year the company has seen.

Only 1995 seems to come anywhere close to rivalling the sheer amount of cringe fans had to endure in one, mercilessly long calendar year. But amidst all the Repo Man, Doink and Bruce Hart matches, there were things about 1993 that we can conceivably look back on as not totally horrendous. Here are ten things that made WWF 1993 somewhat bearable.

#10 Money Inc.

You had every reason to envy them, and every reason to hate them. 

By the time 1993 came around, fans were already well aware of what a talent the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase was. He was instrumental in ending Hogan’s first title reign back in 1988 and had incredible rivalries with Savage and Warrior.

He is perhaps the founder of a long list of rich, white heel personas looking down at the rest of us. Dibiase played it like a natural. Throw into the mix a man who was the literal personification of the despised Internal Revenue Service, and you have the makings of a genius tag team. 

The concept of the team was so simple – nobody likes paying taxes, rich men are normally despicable – that you struggle to understand why it wasn’t invented sooner. Imagine the impact Money Inc. would have today in the post-2008 financial crisis world, with tax evasion and the 1% being the target of so much animosity.

Money Inc. could also really go in the ring and had solid matches with the Mega Maniacs (Hogan and Beefcake) and the Steiner Brothers. No matter how tiresome you may have found episodes of Monday Night Raw in 93, the sound of Money Inc. approaching the ring with their recognisable theme song playing, would at least give you some hope. 

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