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10 things you did not know about Rey Mysterio

The Jennifer Aniston connection is just amazing.

Mysterio is a legend in the business

Rey Mysterio belongs to that rare list of professional wrestlers that went on to break certain stereotypes that had existed in the wrestling business. In a time period where the business and most of the promoters had too much love for ‘big men’, a name like Mysterio came in and revolutionised the business in the United States.

After spending his time in various promotions across the globe, Rey also went on to become a huge star in the WWE and scaled heights that no one expected he’d scale. And still, years after his prime, the fan base and star power of Mysterio is something that not many superstars out there have.

In this list, we are going to take a look at some of the things that you might’ve not known about the Master of 619.

#10 He was once linked with Jennifer Aniston

Mysterio was linked with Aniston

Rumours are the favourite pastime of professional wrestling fans. We love to indulge in rumours and speculate about them and once, Rey Mysterio was featured in a very interesting rumour. He was linked with Jennifer Aniston, who is known for her iconic role in ‘Friends’.

The rumours poked up back in 1997 and apparently, there were no truths in the story. Fortunately, Mysterio found the funny side of things and mentioned that he even showed the rumour to his wife.

Mysterio had become a talking point in the locker room due to this but who would mind being linked with Jennifer Aniston, right?

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