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10 twists that could happen at the Elimination Chamber

What surprises does the Smackdown Live PPV have for us?

Who’s going to emerge victorious from this accursed structure?

The Royal Rumble just got done, and alas, in almost no time, yet another Smackdown B pay-per-view is upon us again. What generally makes the Chamber (and professional wrestling too, come to think of it) a must-watch affair is generally the unpredictability that is associated with it.

Much like the Rumble itself, the Chamber’s eventual outcome depends on the luck of the draw. We are sure that WWE has more surprises up its sleeve to make the Elimination Chamber a must-see PPV in the build to Wrestlemania 33.

Lend us your ears as we suggest 10 possible surprises that WWE may have planned for this PPV event.

#10 The return of Erick Rowan

Will Rowan eventually help Wyatt pick up the victory?

It seems odd indeed that rumours indicate that Bray Wyatt is the favourite to win the Elimination Chamber match, for two major reasons. First, it sets up Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt for Wrestlemania’s main event, a match we’ve seen several times so far with very little crowd interest or involvement.

Secondly, Bray hasn't been booked strongly enough to defeat the top-tier superstars in the Elimination Chamber. 

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Erick Rowan was spotted at the WWE performance centre recently and he’s primed to make his comeback. How will he enter the Elimination Chamber, you ask? Elementary, dear reader. Rowan has magical powers that make him appear and disappear when the lights go out.

We totally expect to see him back, in the title match itself.

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