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10 Unexpected Names who were almost fired by WWE

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The man who supposedly created one of the greatest factions of the modern era was almost fired too.
The man who supposedly created one of the greatest factions of the modern era was almost fired too.

"Professional wrestling is a beautiful yet cruel mistress. She will treat you well and treat you horribly."

Luke Harper words couldn't have been any truer. Being a WWE superstar for a sustained period of time is a daunting task in itself, more so than making it big in the biggest promotion in the world which is as cutthroat as they come.

CM Punk and Mr Kennedy were handed their pink slips due to reasons that stemmed from backstage problems, while countless others were let go just because they weren't made for the big leagues.

And then you have select few who were fortuitous enough to hold onto their jobs after coming dreadfully close to being shown the door.

This list takes a look at those big names who were given another bite of the cherry and went on to formulate quite an envious resume:

#10 Stephanie McMahon

<p> could have been fiiiiirrreed!

Oh, you read that right; even a McMahon doesn't enjoy job security. Being the daughter of a mad genius in Vince McMahon and growing up in the business enabled Stephanie McMahon to rise from being a receptionist in the WWE to the Chief Branding Officer that she is today.

As the real first lady of the WWE would tell you, her success didn't come on a silver platter. McMahon revealed on Lillian Garcia's podcast that she was on the verge of being fired from her family's business owing to a few careless mistakes, but she is a McMahon at the end of the day and learned from the missteps.

"It hasn’t always been pretty. I had to learn a lot along the way and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. And I think that the only way you truly grow and get better is by making mistakes. But as Vince says, you can make mistakes, just don’t make the same mistake twice.”

Mr McMahon is right. Don't make the same mistake twice but have Roman Reigns main event four WrestleManias in a row.

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