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10 women who are better wrestlers than John Cena

10 amazing female wrestlers who are better than John Cena.

WWE's Asuka

Women's wrestling has undergone a revolution, with the likes of Kelly Kelly and Sable being replaced with ladies who can actually perform in the ring. While the WWE hopes that fans will forget the horrors of the bra and panties match era, the fact is the blame for the long slump in women's wrestling is mostly their fault.

During the Attitude Era, the WWE powers that be discovered they could temporarily drive up ratings by placing beautiful, scantily clad women in the ring. While they may have been pleasing to the eye during lingerie contests and such when the bell actually rung many fans averted their eyes.

Here are ten female wrestlers who are far better at the game than John Cena. Sorry, John!

10. Piper Niven

Piper Niven
Piper Niven

As Viper, Piper Nevin has already shaken the wrestling world with her unconventional look, power, and agility. Featured prominently in the Mae Young Classic, Piper made it to the quarterfinals before falling to Lila Storm.

Possessed of power, speed, and surprising dexterity for a woman of her size, Piper can go with any opponent. Her deep moveset and old-school grappling acumen help put her light years ahead of John Cena.

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