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10 worst championship reigns in WWE from the 2010s

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The titles in WWE deserve to be respected
The titles in WWE need to be respected

Not everyone can be a champion in the WWE, and even then, not every champion is guaranteed to have a successful title reign. If you want proof of that then all you need to do is go back over the last seven years and look at some of the reigns we’ve been forced to sit through, because trust us, they were brutal.

From 2010 onwards there’s obviously been a great deal of change in the company, but that still doesn’t justify some of the decisions that we’re about to run down. In terms of the criteria we’ve used, all 10 of these champions either weren’t given the respect they deserved from the writers or just didn’t deserve to be champion at all.

Before we get started we’ll let you all know that 24 hour/48 hour reigns don’t feature on this list, because while they were indeed bad, we’d be here all night listing them.

With that being said, here are our 10 worst championship reigns in WWE from the 2010s.

#10) Natalya – SD Live Women’s Championship

Nattie just never really clicked as champion
Nattie just never really clicked as champion

We’ve heard a great deal about how Natalya is one of the most underrated members of the main roster for years now, and in the present day, it’s time for her fans to realise that it’s just not true anymore. While we all understand that she’s an incredibly capable in-ring performer, she just doesn’t have the personality or character necessary to thrive at the top of the women’s division.

A perfect example of that would be her reign as SD Live Women’s Champion, which astonishingly lasted for almost three months. In that time she just sort of felt like a placeholder who was waiting for Charlotte Flair to come along and claim the belt, and because of that, she’s earned herself a spot on this list.

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