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10 WrestleMania 34 drinking game rules to get the party started

Ross Harvey
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WrestleMania is the ultimate party season for any WWE fan. Of course, it depends on how you celebrate that. It could be at home in a comfy chair with an oversized bowl of popcorn... or you could invite a bunch of friends, put on your best wrestling cosplay, serve out some Booty’Os, and DJ out some nostalgic entrance themes, before starting the grandest drinking game of them all. I know which one I’ll be doing!

Drinking games seem to be the basis for every social television viewing, anywhere from watching Game of Thrones, The Superbowl and yes, most definitely WrestleMania. Every drinking game has its standard rules, for example at a WWE screening it could be one drink if you fail to predict a correct result, or everyone must down their drink if there is a surprise return. However, WrestleMania 34 has some unique events that may have you raising your glass whether you want to or not.

It would be overkill if you used all of the rules so pick the ones you like the most or get creative and comment below with new ideas!

Remember to always drink responsibly, know your limits. It is important that you have fun, just make sure to only drink in moderation. After all, you will want to enjoy the show itself, and not have your head stuck down your own Superdome in your bathroom. If you’re out watching the show get a taxi or a sober friend that you can trust to drive you home.

Most importantly stay safe.

#1 The Yes Movement

Bryan and Reigns competing for the chance to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

As they say “Go hard or go home”. This one could get messy.

Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to his wrestling duties, and he now has his keen eyes set on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, alongside his highflying Smackdown Live colleague Shane McMahon.

The WrestleMania crowd is sure to be in fine form from the get-go, so imagine having to take a sip of your drink every time the crowd shouts ‘Yes’. From his entrance to his in-ring kicks, yes chants could be echoing for days to come.

Not only that, yes chants could pop up at any moment during the show. There is no doubt this is a tough ask, and there might not even be enough drinks for this rule to go around.

Rule: Take a drink every time you can clearly hear the word ‘Yes’ being chanted by the audience.

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