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Blacklisted: 10 wrestlers who won't be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

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Bruiser Brody
Bruiser Brody

Unlike the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, there is no physical building that fans can go to and be in the presence, if only by proxy, of the legendary and not so legendary men and women who reside in that esteemed institution, the WWE Hall of Fame.

The HOF is seen as both a way to honour the wrestlers of the past and to bridge the generations of wrestling fans. However, it has also been accused of being highly political and of playing favourites to those wrestlers who spent the majority of their careers working for the WWE.

In any event, there are certain wrestling personalities who are not likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for a variety of reasons. Without further ado, here are ten wrestlers and teams that may have to wait for an induction a very, very long time.

#1 Owen Hart

Owen Hart
Owen Hart

Bret's younger, less charismatic but arguably more technically skilled brother Owen has yet to be honoured with an induction to the WWE Hall of Fame.

While it's true that Owen never held one of wrestling's big singles titles, that hasn't held other performers back from being inducted. Many fans and critics believe that Owen Hart deserves the honour of being in the Hall of Fame, and scratch their heads at why it has not come to pass yet.

Why he's not going in: Several factors. First, and foremost, Owen Hart's widow is very bitter toward the WWE and has refused any cooperation with a Hall of Fame induction. Second, Owen Hart died tragically at a PPV event, and the WWE accepted culpability for the accident. It's not good PR to remind the fans how they failed to keep Owen safe. Third, Owen's career peaked at the mid card, and he just didn't have the ability to connect with fans that his brother Bret did, resulting in a respectable but unspectacular career.

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