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10 Wrestling moves we'd like to see in a WWE Ring

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Strong Style!

Wrestling fans can be divided into two distinct groups. The first one is composed of fans that want to see scientific grappling, logical ring psychology, and dramatic near-falls, all of which make an excellent wrestling match. The second group is made up of those people that just want to see wrestling moves used because they look cool.

These groups tend to bleed into each other somewhat, but the latter appears to be the bigger one. A lot of fans like wrestling because they, as kids, practised wrestling moves on each other. These people were most likely to practice their favourite wrestlers’ finishers on each other because that was the most fun.

I mean, what kid would choose to emulate a complicated exchange of grappling holds over a Stone Cold Stunner?

All this is important because it helps us understand what today’s WWE fans are looking for. They want to see cool wrestling moves in a WWE ring more than they want to listen to weird promos and nonsensical storylines.

That’s what wrestling has always been: an outlandishly-choreographed fight in which two or more men/women find creative ways to make it look like they’re hurting each other.

Many of today’s WWE Superstars have boring or similar-looking finishers, which doesn’t help them enough in becoming more popular with the audience. If you look at the finishing moves of yore, they were simple, could be used against any opponent, and were part of a wrestler’s personality and character.

Today, the only WWE wrestler to have this kind of popular finisher is Randy Orton, and that’s thanks to VINE and other video manipulation tools used to superimpose him into random videos, often with hilarious results.

There are a lot of impressive wrestling moves out there, many of which aren’t seen in WWE for one reason or another. Fans are forced to see these cooler moves either on YouTube or in smaller promotions to see the kinds of crazy things non-WWE wrestlers can do.

Below, we’ll propose ten wrestling moves (most of which can be done safely) that should be seen in a WWE ring, and we’ll also propose the wrestler that should use it.


Honourable Mention: The Fisherman Powerbomb/Spinebuster

This is one of those great wrestling moves that doesn’t just look cool, but it’s also one of the best mixes of power and technique rolled into one. The user lifts their opponent up for a Fisherman Buster, but instead of falling backwards and dropping them on their heads, the victim is swung forward instead, landing on their back with ferocious impact.

This is a move that takes speed and a perfect flow to pull off perfectly, so it should be used by someone that has both of those assets. Seth Rollins fits that bill perfectly, as he has shown that he has enough strength to pull of power moves well, and he’s also one of the top technicians in WWE.

SmakcDown’s Lana uses a variation of this move as her new in-ring finisher, and thus far it has looked just as devastating in a WWE ring. This is an excellent decision by WWE’s bookers to elevate Lana quickly. Fans will want to see her use an unusual and otherwise awesome finishing move, which will help her become a bigger star quickly.

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