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10 WWE Storylines from 2018 that didn't get resolved

Ray Tang
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#9 Best friends and worst enemies

Banks reveal of being in 'love' with Bayley left us all feeling shortchanged
Banks reveal of being in 'love' with Bayley left us all feeling shortchanged

Right from when they started their WWE careers back in NXT, Sasha Banks and Bayley have been no strangers to facing each other – including their memorable (and first ever) 30-minute Iron Woman match. However, since Bayley joined the main roster at the Battleground pay-per-view event back in July 2016 as Sasha Banks mystery partner, they appeared to be inseparable.

It had seemed that they’d finally put their NXT history to one side and formed a strong friendship as they were regularly tag team partners and would also come to aid each other if needed.

The first sign of their relationship beginning to crack was at the first ever woman’s Royal Rumble match this year when Bayley had her back towards Sasha Banks, and Banks then sneakily eliminated her from the match.

When they were both involved in the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match the following month, Banks had appeared to be on the same page as Bayley only to attack her again.

Although Bayley appeared to have got some redemption on Banks at the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, the fact that neither woman won any of these matches planted an idea to the WWE Universe that their own personal problems are getting in the way of achieving their own individual goals.

For the next few months on Raw, Bayley and Banks traded insults, sneak attacks and had a backstage brawl, which all led to only one possible conclusion – these two were going to feud with each other again. With the exception of one match which ended in a no contest between the two, the WWE instead decided to go down the route of the wrestlers having to go to counselling to settle their differences.

This led to a terrible conclusion on the 16th July episode of Raw as the apparent reason this whole feud started is because Sasha Banks ‘loves’ Bayley.

First, the question that needs to be asked is: in what context does Banks love Bayley? Is it a sisterly love or something more? Moreover, if you consider the amount of times that Banks showed animosity towards Bayley in the build up to this feud, this doesn’t suggest that there is any love at all.

Furthermore, the storyline has been wrapped up without even a pay-per-view match. This storyline has left the WWE Universe feeling short-changed. The fact that we’ve been more or less told to forget the problems these two superstars had with each other is why this is a storyline that is left unresolved.