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10 WWE Superstars who got over despite not winning much

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In most sports, your career, your future is dictated primarily on wins and losses. However, in the sport of professional wrestling, where the outcomes are pre-determined, things are vastly different.

Sure, everyone prefers a win over a loss, but in sports entertainment, there's a bigger objective in place, than just winning and losing. It's based primarily on the story and how each story is told. If you can engage your audience, by successfully telling your part of a story, using your body, you are indeed a winner, no matter what the record books may say.

Another factor in place, which is as important as any, is getting over with the fans. You can lose a majority of your matches but still get over, as long as you connect with your fanbase and compel them to become emotionally invested in your overall body of work. One example in recent years would be Fandango.

I'm not referring to the current Breezango run. The stint, I’m referring to is the period everyone downloaded his entrance music on their phones and danced along as he made his entrance. For a while, each time he made an entrance, the entire arena pointed in the air and together tens of thousands of fans did ‘the Fandango.’

I've been doing some in-depth research regarding win-loss records and I’ve narrowed a list down to 10 current and former WWE Superstars who were able to get over, despite racking up a tonne of losses along the way. 

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