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10 WWE Superstars who were involved in a heated argument outside the ring

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Published 02 Aug 2017, 10:22 IST
02 Aug 2017, 10:22 IST
Even pro wrestlers, who are accustomed to dealing with nonsense from fans, can run out of patience

Professional wrestling is an ego-driven business when so many people are in close quarters together and have conflicting ideas and personalities, conflict is bound to erupt. This is especially true when wrestlers say or do things between one another that gets construed as disrespectful, or when fans get too close to their favourite stars.

But sometimes, these egos fail to mix properly and end up clashing, which leads to serious arguments, insults, and in some cases fights. Most often, one wrestler will either say or do something that goes against some unspoken or unofficial rule of the locker room, which will lead to that person getting punished. In other circumstances, wrestlers do things that have serious real-life ramifications, and thus they go at it to solve a personal problem.

These ten entries tell the stories of WWE superstars former and current that have been involved in a heated argument outside of the ring. Each one of these people had to deal with someone causing them grief, and they responded to this grief like any sane wrestler would: by not backing down and getting physical.

#10 CM Punk and Teddy Hart

Unfortunately, the actual wrestling match between these two never actually happened

What do you get when you combine the ‘strong’ personalities of both CM Punk and Teddy Hart? An explosive situation, to be sure.

Hart, as you might recall, is notorious for having attitude problems and burning bridges with virtually every promotion for which he has worked. His most notorious incident was in Ring of Honor (ROH), where he executed several unplanned aerial spots and nearly injured both his opponents and himself severely. Following this, CM Punk penned a letter condemning Hart for his actions.

Some months later, Punk was in TNA and learned that the higher-ups were thinking of signing Teddy Hart. Punk told them that he’d slap Hart as soon as he walked into the fairgrounds where they taped their shows at the time.

Soon afterwards, Hart confronted Punk while he and some other wrestlers were at a place called the White Trash Café in Knoxville. Words were exchanged and Punk, true to his word, slapped Hart.

But Hart had boxing experience and then proceeded to punch Punk for several seconds until the fight was broken up by Sabu. In the end, both men left TNA shortly afterwards, and the wrestling fandom never got to see this interesting match-up take place inside a ring.

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