10 WWE Superstars you don't want to mess with in real life

These WWE Superstars can turn your body into a pretzel!
These WWE Superstars can turn your body into a pretzel!
Johny Payne

As a professional wrestling fan since my childhood, I’ve often found myself on the receiving end of questions as to why I like watching what most people refer to as ‘pretend fighting’ or ‘fake fighting’ between larger-than-life cartoonish characters.

I’m sure you, the reader, can relate to such instances you've been questioned about what really draws us to this scripted sport that sees grown men and women sport outlandish gear and perform high-risk acrobatic moves, whilst working with each other; rather than a real fight where one works to legitimately hurt one’s opponent.

Well, first of all, professional wrestling is an art, and as such, it has carved a unique niche for itself in the world of sports and entertainment.

Secondly— and this is one of the key components that serve to attract us towards the world of scripted wrestling competition—most of the performers we see compete in pro-wrestling are legitimate athletes, with highly-respectable backgrounds in arts such as gymnastics, track & field, football, amateur wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, MMA and so on and so forth.

In other words, the vast majority of WWE Superstars are no strangers to the pain and rigors of non-scripted sporting competition and have time and again reached that final crescendo of sports where your will and heart determines your fate, and you’re forced to dig deep in order to pull away victory from the jaws of defeat.

They are tough as nails and gritty as a hungry cat. You don’t wanna mess with these WWE ‘performers’. Because in the odd instance that someone does rub them the wrong way, they’ll quite literally put you down for the 1-2-3. Today we take a look at a few such scary customers on the WWE roster who you’d better not mess with!

#10 Braun Strowman

Braun is a highly accomplished former strongman competitor.

Braun Strowman portrays a scary monster heel in the WWE. Speaking of which, the 34-year-old former Wyatt Family member is just as intimidating outside the ring as well.

The 6’8” behemoth has an extensive background in bodybuilding and power-lifting, having won several strongman contests before making the transition to the world of professional wrestling. Strowman is known for his excellent strength & conditioning and deceptively quick reflexes coupled with endurance that’s seldom seen in athletes of his size.

The Monster Among Men brings a unique skill-set to the table which enables him to throw weights around like a giant, and move around as though he were a Cruiserweight; proving the old Muhammad Ali boxing adage true — Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.

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