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11 Small Hollywood movie roles did by WWE Superstars that they probably regret

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There were some superstars that went the same path but flopped badly
Modified 22 Sep 2018
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WWE gives you fame, money, respect and lots of other things that you want if you figure out how to do everything right. It can also open the doors to various careers, such as acting in a Hollywood movie.

When we hear these two words, Hollywood and WWE, the names that come to mind are The Rock, Batista, and John Cena. Though these superstars transitioned to Hollywood and became megastars, there were some superstars that went the same path but flopped badly.

Some of you might already know about these superstars who are mentioned in this list but for others who don't know you will absolutely find trouble recalling if these superstars really starred in the movie. 

#11- 9. Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Seth Rollins - Sharknado Movie Series

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Angle, Jericho, Rollins

That's right. Olympic Gold medalist and former WWE Champion is featured in one of the Sharknado movies. In the second part of the comedic series, Kurt Angle played a role of FDNY fire chief. Though this appearance of him probably went unnoticed, he was not the only one to appear in this comedic series about sharks in a tornado.

Chris Jericho was the second member of WWE who appeared in this low-budget series. Y2J played a character named Bruce, the Rollercoaster Guy. In the second installment of this series, Jericho was a ride operator. But sadly his role was cut short after a shark came from the tornado and ate his head. Nasty!

Seth Rollins couldn't get away from the Sharknado series as he appeared in its fourth part. There he played a character named Agent Lopez. There in the movie, Seth saved Mt. Rushmore by using some isotopes and promised to kick the Sharknado storm back into the dark ages. Really?

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Published 22 Sep 2018, 04:18 IST
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