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12 Wrestlers who have not won a match in AEW (yet)

Karan Bedi
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Published Nov 03, 2019
Nov 03, 2019 IST


It's interesting that AEW has decided to go ahead and make the point that wins and losses matter in the company. Tony Khan's background in statistics and sports data analytics has already started helping the promotion in big ways. While they have yet to release official stats, they have made it a point to put the stats on the wrestler's entrance graphics when Dynamite has aired.

While there is a still a while to go and Cody Rhodes has said that rankings may be on the way before Full Gear, they are still collecting data week to week. Like any organization, once enough matches are completed, there should be enough to start posting these on their website. But on further investigation, certain revelations started propping up.

Some wrestlers have not yet won a match in the company as of yet. While this is not unheard of, it's interesting to note that there are some shockers in the mix. In AEW, their win-loss records are divided into singles, tag teams and trios. While some have won under one classification, others have not cleared any of them.

Here are wrestlers who have yet to win a match in AEW.

#12 and #11 Jack Evans and Angelico (The Hybrid 2)

Nothing on the board yet
Nothing on the board yet

While it's interesting that these wrestlers haven't posted a win as of yet, It's not surprising either. Both men are fantastic in the ring, but their presence in the promotion (so far) has been lackluster at best. They haven't been consistent on TV and so far, come across as The Ascension of AEW.

They did lose to Private Party at All Out and then turned heel. On the debut episode of AEW Dynamite, they picked a fight with Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and were shamed on their win-loss record by Mewes. Perhaps, there are plans for them going forward. It'll be interesting when that does happen.

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