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2 reasons Bray Wyatt should be revealed as Roman Reigns’ attacker

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Was it Bray Wyatt?
Was it Bray Wyatt?

Since Roman Reigns was attacked on a recent episode of SmackDown, fans have been trying to figure out the identity of the attacker. Some of the more popular suspects include Daniel Bryan, Rowan, and Buddy Murphy. However, what if none of them attacked Roman Reigns?

What if they are all unwitting pawns in a plan that was hatched in a dark and twisted mind? What if there’s a mastermind behind the scenes pulling the strings?

On the latest episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan said he had figured out who the attacker was. Bryan is supposed to reveal it on the upcoming episode and fans are waiting with bated breath to find out who it is. What if he reveals that Bray Wyatt is the one who attacked Roman Reigns? If Bray isn’t revealed as the attacker, then it should be one of the members of the firefly funhouse. My money is on Mercy the Buzzard!

Since Bray introduced his new character, The Fiend, fans have wondered how twisted he would get. The firefly funhouse and Bray’s subsequent appearance on RAW and SummerSlam have given fans a taste, but they are hungry for more.

In this article, we look at 2 reasons why Bray Wyatt should be revealed as Roman’s attacker.

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#1 To create nostalgia

The good old days
The good old days

Almost everyone involved in the current Roman Reigns storyline has some history with Bray Wyatt. Daniel Bryan and Rowan are both former members of the Wyatt Family. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had a great feud that included a hell in a cell match. Only Buddy Murphy doesn’t have a history with Bray Wyatt.

If Bray is revealed to be the attacker, it would lead people down memory lane; back to the glory days of the Wyatt Family.


This would also raise some questions. Would Bray Wyatt reunite the Wyatt family to take down Roman Reigns? Would Daniel Bryan and Rowan team up with Roman Reigns to keep themselves safe from The Fiend? Is Buddy Murphy Bray Wyatt’s first disciple?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, WWE has the perfect nostalgia trip in their hands.

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