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20 Unexpected things that might happen in WWE by the end of the year

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Seth Rollins,
What does the future hold for Seth Rollins and several other WWE Superstars?

WWE is an ever-changing entity and will undoubtedly look much different by the end of the year then it does right at this moment. Not only does that mean championships will change hands, and Superstars will turn babyface and heel, but it also means that new Superstars will rise to the occasion and The WWE Universe will get answers to some very important questions.

With that being said, and the current direction that Raw and Smackdown Live are taking storyline wise, here are 20 predictions for what will happen before the end of 2018. Keep in mind that these predictions are based on what The WWE landscape currently looks like and how the company will build upon that.

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The company is now halfway through their calendar year, but as we've seen over the past few months, so many things can change in such a short time and there's still plenty that has to play out on WWE television over the course of the year. Brock Lesnar is expected to leave for the UFC at some point, Ronda Rousey is expected to keep being elevated and Roman Reigns is expected to.. well.. stay on top.

In the end, maybe they happen and maybe they don’t, but from who will be Universal Champion to how WWE will finally get Roman Reigns over with fans, here are the answers to the questions that every WWE fan is dying to know.

#20 Bayley becomes women's champion again

What does the future hold for former Raw Women's Champion, Bayley?

As crazy as it may seem for Bayley to be put anywhere near the Raw Women’s title picture, the move would arguably be the only way for WWE to add any real meaning to a Sasha Banks versus Bayley match. In fact, it might be the only thing that makes it even remotely worth watching.

With that being said, the only way that WWE can make this work is to have Bayley or Sasha Banks feud over The Women’s title. Not only would The Women’s title serve as the catalyst to make each superstar push their boundaries further, but also will allow for the two Superstars to more believably do that without scarifying their character in the process.

In the end, WWE has been trying for over a year now to justify a mean streak for Bayley and the Raw Women’s championship might be able to do just that. It might even lead to a complete character change for Bayley.

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