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Ranking the 20 of the best WWE Matches of all time

Abid Khan
Top 5 / Top 10

#19 The Undertaker Vs. Mankind - King of the Ring (1998)

A match that took us to the edge of our seats
A match that took us to the edge of our seats

If you're an old-school professional wrestling fan, then the Undertaker's clash with Mankind inside the barbaric Hell in a Cell structure at King of the Ring, 1998 would possibly be one of the reasons why you love this business.

After delivering a masterpiece with Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood, 1997, the Undertaker instantly became one of the most dangerous personalities within the squared circle.

Since Mick Foley wanted his encounter with the Undertaker to topple the gruesome match at Bad Blood, his decision to bring something very scary to the bout made this match the most popular wrestling match of all time.

The Undertaker's ruthlessness was on full display here, with the Phenom throwing Mankind of the top of the cell in the first 5 minutes of the encounter which shocked the entire world.

While it might not be a technical thriller, both the competitors enacted their characters' brilliantly with Mankind risking his entire career to ascend the entire credibility of the match.

Many fans watching live were shocked at what they were seeing. A man in Mick Foley selling his twisted gimmick by putting his entire career on the line for the purpose of entertainment justified what this business meant to him.

His crazy push from the top of the cell remains the greatest visually shocking moment in the history of professional wrestling, with Jim Ross selling the entire moment like a legend. It was truly the night that made Mick Foley who he is today, and we have nothing but respect for that.

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