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Ranking the 20 of the best WWE Matches of all time

Abid Khan
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Matches that will never be forgotten
Matches that will never be forgotten

In the last four decades of professional wrestling, WWE have given us some of the most compelling and visually appealing classics inside the squared circle that will never be forgotten.

Ranging from technical masterpieces to beautifully crafted storylines, the company has brought a variety of emotions to the table through their creative genius.

All these fantastic bouts have stayed with us and will continue to astonish generations that will come after us due to the character's strong portrayal and their ability to engage the audience through their in-ring psychology.

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Since we are highlighting the 20 greatest wrestling bouts in the company's history, different components like the narrative involved, the characters' portrayal, the in-ring quality, the audience's reaction, and the finish have been taken into significant consideration.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep and analyze the monumental history of WWE through these stellar bouts that changed the entire industry for good.

Here are the 20 greatest WWE matches of all time.

#20 The Shield Vs. The Wyatt Family - WWE Elimination Chamber (2014)

One of the biggest matches of this decade
One of the biggest matches of this decade

With the significance of factions becoming pretty blurry nowadays, the Shield's classic bout with the Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber in 2014 remains one of the most critically acclaimed bouts in recent memory.


Both the factions were red hot during those times, with the Wyatt Family on the pinnacle of success after having a pretty incredible feud with Daniel Bryan.

The entire WWE Universe was enticed to see this bout happen, as the two factions prepared and went for absolute war against each other in an almost 20-minute classic.

Considering that a new generation was arriving on the scene, nobody was as ambitious as these two factions; prepared to run with the brass ring and take over this company under Vince McMahon's experienced wing.

Two of the most dominating factions of all time tearing each other apart to justify their supremacy on WWE's flagship show, the Wyatt Family emerged victorious after brutally assaulting the talented trio.

This was probably one of those matches that got the best out of Roman Reigns, with the fans perplexed on which team to support and the entire interaction between these two different stables made for a sensational thriller at the Elimination Chamber.

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