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205 Live Results: April 9th, 2019

Greg Bush
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The Premier Athlete is a fighting champion and defended his title in an epic WrestleMania rematch
The Premier Athlete is a fighting champion and defended his title in an epic WrestleMania rematch

WrestleMania 35 left the WWE Universe with a lot of surprises, one of which was the shocking upset involving the Cruiserweight Championship.

Buddy Murphy seemed destined for an incredibly long run with the title but wasn't able to overcome the onslaught of his former friend Tony Nese. On the Grandest Stage of Them All, the Premier Athlete put the Juggernaut away with his patented Running Nese, capturing gold for the first time in his WWE career.

However, Murphy would get a shot at redemption tonight, as he would face the new champion in the main event. Could he reclaim his throne, or would the newest King of the Mountain hold his ground at the top?

Jack Gallagher w/Drew Gulak vs Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo had an opportunity to face his teacher in tonight
Humberto Carrillo had an opportunity to face his teacher in tonight's opening contest

Gallagher and Gulak continued to teach Carrillo lessons about technical wrestling. Tonight, Carrillo would face off against one of his coaches in a one-on-one match.

Gallagher quickly took Carrillo down to the mat with his grappling ability, but Carrillo escaped a monkey flip, landing on his feet. Carrillo avoided another attack from Gallagher, flipping across the ring, continuing to show off his athletic ability. However, this would quickly come back to bite him, as he went up top for a top rope arm drag. Gallagher managed to bring him down to his shoulders, draping him across the ropes neck first.

Gallagher continued to punish Carrillo from here on out, landing some strong punches to the jaw, leaving him in a heap in the corner. Carrillo made it back to his feet, but when he went to the ropes, Gallagher picked his leg, again keeping him grounded. Carrillo again rose back up, but was taken down with a dropkick from the Gentleman.


Gallagher kept up the ground and pound offense, breaking apart his pupil. Carrillo escaped a back suplex and struck Gallagher with two right hands. Gallagher caught a kick and countered with an elbow strike. In the corner, Carrillo avoided the running single leg dropkick. Carrillo took him down with a crossbody off the top rope, then followed Gallagher to the outside with a tope, angering Gulak.

Gallagher was caught in the back of the head with a missile dropkick when rolled back inside the ring. Carrillo attempted to follow up with a kicking combination, but was rocked by a rolling forearm from Gallagher. Carrillo finally landed the combination and launched him across the ring with a handspring arm drag.

Instead of going for the cover, Gulak went up top, forcing Gulak to shove him off.

Results:Humberto Carrillo defeated Jack Gallagher via DQ.

As Gallagher recovered, Gulak beat Carrillo down, attempting to show the "importance" of the ground and pound style. However, he was eventually foiled by the Gentleman, who leveled Gulak with a headbutt, saving his protégé from anymore punishment.

Backstage, Murphy and Nese were shown getting ready for the upcoming Cruiserweight Championship bout. Murphy thanked Nese for giving him the best challenge he could receive at WrestleMania, but looked to regain his title tonight. Nese said that, just like Sunday, he planned on stopping the unstoppable.

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Published 10 Apr 2019, 08:48 IST
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