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205 Live Results (May 28th, 2019): SmackDown Star surprises roster, NXT UK talent gets a new name

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The self-dubbed Supernova 11 just put the whole 205 Live roster on notice
The self-dubbed Supernova 11 just put the whole 205 Live roster on notice

Last week, the Stamina Monster known as Akira Tozawa managed to emerge from a Fatal-5-Way match victorious, knocking off three of the best superstars on 205 Live. Mike Kanellis, Ariya Daivari, Oney Lorcan, and Tozawa's mentor and friend The Brian Kendrick all fell to the former Cruiserweight Champion.

With a massive win added to a series of major victories over the past few months, Akira Tozawa may find himself in a Cruiserweight Championship match in the near future.

Backstage, Jack Gallagher was met by Humberto Carrillo, who caught the Gentleman watching their tag team match from last week when they defeated the Bollywood Boyz.

Gallagher said he enjoyed beating up Samir and Sunil Singh, but needed to face Carrillo in a one-on-one matchup, as his loss to his former pupil in the Fatal-4-Way weeks ago has been eating away at him. Tonight, the two will settle their feud once and for all.

Tonight, we started off with singles competition between two of the competitors in last week's main event, The Brian Kendrick and Mike Kanellis.

The Brian Kendrick vs Mike Kanellis w/Maria

Kanellis couldn
Kanellis couldn't get away from the Captain's Hook

Kendrick rushed Kanellis, catching him off guard and rocking him with several forearms to the face. An early Captain's Hook attempt forced Kanellis to retreat outside the ring. Kendrick followed him, sending him into the barricade.

Kanellis tried to fight back, but missed a chop on Kendrick, sending his right hand breaking off the ring post.


Kanellis was launched into the barricade again, but caught Kendrick running in with a boot to the face.

He then suplexed the former champion into the structure, leaving Maria Kanellis cracking a devilish grin a few feet away. Kanellis brought Kendrick inside for a delayed suplex, getting a nearfall.

Kendrick was locked in a rear chin lock, with Kanellis's knee driving into his back, stretching his spine and neck. Kendrick fought out but was planted with a rolling spinebuster. Kendrick kicked out again. Kanellis blocked a crescent kick, but was duped into a Captain's Hook. He made it to the ropes, but just barely.

On the outside, Kendrick brought Kanellis all the way down to the ground with a suplex from the top of the steel steps. Kanellis was rolled inside for a pin attempt, where he kicked out at two.

A Sliced Bread #2 attempt was blocked by Kanellis, who was again placed in the Captain's Hook. Kanellis tried to roll to the ropes again, but Kendrick held on. Eventually he managed to stand up and turned his situation into a huge Michinoku Driver.

Kendrick and Kanellis made it back to their feet, where they traded chops, elbows, and superkicks. Kendrick caught another superkick from Kanellis, but was nearly turned inside out with a clothesline.

Kendrick made it up to his feet using the corner, leading to Kanellis trying to run in for another clothesline. Kendrick turned it into a Sliced Bread #2.

Kanellis kicked out, and rocked Kendrick with a pair of superkicks, followed by a Michinoku Driver and a rolling cutter for the win.

Results: Mike Kanellis defeated The Brian Kendrick via pinfall.

Backstage, Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese and 205 Live GM Drake Maverick were in the middle of a meeting. Nese also invited Akira Tozawa, and said that after his victory last week, there was nobody on the roster more deserving of a title shot than him. He then asked Drake if they could make it official.

Drake said he had a lot on his plate at the moment and would consider it. Tozawa nodded at Nese and slapped the Cruiserweight Championship.

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Published 29 May 2019, 09:02 IST
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