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3 Awesome Ideas WWE Should Have Implemented 

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20.51K   //    19 Sep 2018, 07:42 IST

In this article, we look at 5 recent and equally awesome ideas WWE refused to put into motion...

The WWE and its top executives have all stated at one point in time that they try to listen to their audience (most recently Stephanie McMahon), but that certainly isn't always the case. However, for the most part, the WWE likes to give fans what they want to see, whether it be fan-favorite Superstars getting a chance to shine in the spotlight, or new and interesting feuds -- sometimes even fulfilling "dream matches" when we least expect them.

The WWE is a continuous sports entertainment soap opera of sorts, and the company is constantly fine tuning and changing storylines, characters, pushes and other aspects of their shows as they go along to keep things as intriguing as possible and to suit their fans wants and desires.

With that being said, the WWE is undoubtedly prone to making mistakes or overlooking possible ideas that would've been awesome by most standards, and as some of you are bound to know, Vince McMahon can be one stubborn individual -- just look at the booking of Roman Reigns for clarification on that notion. As well, WWE's creative can be quite puzzling at times, as some of their booking decisions and storyline ideas are downright dreadful. Today, we are going to be looking at 3 awesome ideas WWE refused to move ahead with.

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#3 Turning John Cena Heel...

John C
John Cena had certainly been a good face of the company for WWE, but many wished he had turned heel...

For the entirety of John Cena's career in World Wrestling Entertainment, "The Cenation Leader" always remained the babyface or face of the company. John feuded with all of the top heels in the business, and he never chose to join the "dark side" even if things were not in his favor. John Cena was undoubtedly a money making babyface for WWE, and he definitely was a superhero for many young fans hence why the company kept him a good guy for such a long period of time.

However, as time went on, fans were becoming rather tired of John Cena as a babyface, and many believed John Cena was in desperate need of a heel turn to spice things up and rejuvenate his somewhat stale career. John Cena is no longer the representative of the WWE (he hasn't been for a couple of years) nor is her their top merchandise seller, so it baffles many fans as to why the WWE have yet to make that character change for Cena. It's clear Vince will forever keep John the good guy...

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