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3 best opponents for Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 35

Avik Das
21.21K   //    03 Oct 2018, 16:25 IST

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Roman Reigns is the face of WWE today and he is the poster boy of the company. He has replaced John Cena as the top guy of WWE and Cena wrestles as a part-timer now. Reigns is quite popular in the WWE Universe, but he also has plenty of haters.

Reigns has main-evented Wrestlemania four times in a row and it is an incredible feat to obtain. Several top-notch superstars like John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan have similar accomplishment. As a matter of fact, Reigns has a gigantic possibility of main-eventing the Wrestlemania 35. Reigns is the current Universal champion and he defeated Brock Lesnar at the Summerslam. He ended the title reign of Lesnar which lasted over 500 days. He is set to defend his Universal title at the Crown Jewel against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman.

Meanwhile, Reigns has reached a great height since his main roster debut in 2012. He has won the WWE World title thrice, the Universal title once, United States title once, Intercontinental title once and the Tag team titles once. In fact, he is Grand Slam champion. He was also voted the number one wrestler in the world by 'Pro Wrestling Illustrated'. There are several superstars who are adept of facing Roman Reigns in Wrestlemania 35.

Here we discuss 3 superstars who can encounter with Reigns.

#3 Randy Orton

WWE SummerSlam 2015
The Viper

Randy Orton is still one top superstar of the WWE and he can be a formidable opponent for Roman Reigns. If Reigns manages to hold the Universal title till Wrestlemania then they could have a title fight at the Wrestlemania. Orton has participated in Wrestlemania fourteen times, which is an incredible feat.

Orton has a long list of achievements in his career. He has been wrestling in WWE for 16 years and he has achieved a lot in his long WWE career. Orton is also a Grand Slam Champion like Reigns and he has won the WWE title 13 times. He also won the Royal Rumble twice. Hence, Orton is a top-notch superstar who can provide an interesting match against Reigns.

He had an astonishing feud with Jeff Hardy recently and they had a brutal match at the Hell in a Cell. Though Orton is in Smackdown Live now, there is a gigantic possibility of a brand switch before Wrestlemania.

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