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3 best tag teams in the 90s

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Christian and Edge with their tag team titles
Christian and Edge with their tag team titles

The Tag teams in WWE have always been energetic, exciting, and full of passion. Like individual wrestlers, tag teams back in the nineties had storylines and feuds. Two individual wrestlers with the same mentality complemented each other is attributes and skills to form a tag team. The best tag teams in history showed some chemistry between them and used each other’s strengths and weakness to perfection.

Perhaps the most important part is how they manage themselves in front of the audience and the entire WWE universe. Since the dawn of professional wrestling, tag teams have been on a rise.

How does one compare ‘The Fabulous Kangaroos’ of the sixties or ‘ The Midnight Express of the eighties’? Let us take a look at 3 best tag teams in the nineties.

#3. The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation
The Hart Foundation

Before WWE universe knew Bret Hart as “The best there is, best there was and the best that ever will be”, The Hart foundation got some formidable stardom. Proving why family mattered in WWE, The Hitman and Jim Neidhart were not only teammates but brother-in-law.

The team had some memorable rivalries against The Rockers, The British Bulldog, and Demolition. Bret’s technical expertise complemented The Anvil’s powerhouse panache and both of them excelled in beautifully communicating during a match.

The Hart Foundation was a revolutionary little guy-big guy combination with Bret as the technical mastery and Neidhart as muscle. The Harts were an immensely popular face in WWE with Jimmy Hart as their manager showcasing success.

The Hitman went on to have one of the most successful solo careers as a wrestler but it all started here.

#2. Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian
Edge and Christian

Lifelong best friends, Edge and Christian went from starting as school friends to climb up the ladder of success in WWE. With a combined individual record of 4 WWE titles, 9 World titles and an Intercontinental title each, these two wrestlers were too good to be in a tag team.

Their legacy as a team was fantastic. They would complement each other in the most perfect way. Together, Edge and Christian won seven World Tag Team championships and first won the title against Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania 2000.

They then went on to defeat The Hardy Boys and The Dudley Boys in a TLC match at Summerslam. They again defeated them on Wrestlemania 17. Their constant rivalry resulted in Edge and Christian taking superiority over the two.

Edge and Christian (E&C) were named the greatest tag team in WWE history in 2012 by WWE. The pair started off as a part of ‘The Brood’ along with Gangrel and later teamed up with Rhino in their famous triple battles to form the RECK against The Hardy Boys and The Dudley Boys.

The ‘con-to-chair’ is innovative and still widely remembered.

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