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3 ways Dean Ambrose will tease a split with The Shield At Super Show-Down

Amit Shukla
12.17K   //    04 Oct 2018, 20:42 IST

Will 'The Shield' break in Australia?
Will 'The Shield' break in Australia?

The Shield is a force to be reckoned with, and ever since they debuted on the main roster, they have been unstoppable. They took out every tag team in its path and also worked as the enforcer for 'The Authority.'

They became the most dominant team in WWE and were unstoppable until Seth betrayed the group and joined hands with The Authority. This marked the end of Shield, and we saw these 3 great wrestlers embark on their individual journey where Seth became Universal, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

Roman Reigns also joined his Shield-brother and became a Grand Slam Champion. He finally became the Universal Champion at WWE Summerslam and is currently the only wrestler who gets most boos.

Dean Ambrose, on the other hand, hasn't got his fair share of opportunities and this angle was used by 'Dogs of War' comprising of Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman to dismantle 'The Hounds Of Justice.' After this, we saw Dean Ambrose hit back at his brothers and claimed that he would have been Intercontinental and Universal Champion if he didn't end up doing errands for them or being 'The Shield' to them.

This raised the stakes of the match at WWE Super Show-Down and also the outcome of the match between 'The Shield' and 'Dogs of War' at the show and in this article, I list three ways through which Dean shall play at the show from Australia::

#3 Dean Ambrose turns on Seth Rollins during the match

Lunatic Mode On
Lunatic Mode On

Dean attacked Seth previously when the latter betrayed the team, and this led to him becoming a fan favorite. Dean's lunatic approach has helped him, and ever since he returned during the go-home show before Summerslam, his look is a good fit for being a heel.

The show at Australia could see the first sight of Dean's turn where he would not be able to accept Seth's tag thanks to an attack by Drew on the lunatic. While some may see this as an outside attack, this would be the first sight of Dean turning on his team mates. 

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