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3 dream WWE matches featuring The Young Bucks

A Blackadder
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14 Jan 2019, 21:08 IST


Brothers, merchandise machines, Indie darlings, pro wrestling entrepreneurs, the driving force behind All Elite Wrestling, Elite.

These are just some of the ways to describe Matt and Nick Jackson, collectively known as The Young Bucks.

I missed out on the big one - best tag-team in the whole world, and it isn't even close.

That at least, is the sentiment held by a lot of fans. And judging by the number of tag-team titles they have held, a lot of wrestling promoters hold the sentiment as well.

Their accomplishments are too long to list, so I'll give you the cliff-notes version; 28 tag-team championships across promotions, including both the IWGP Junior Heavyweight and Heavyweight tag team championship.

They promoted, funded, and main-evented the independent show, ALL IN - the first non-WWE promotion to draw over 10,000 fans since the days of WCW. Most recently, they have been the driving force behind All Elite Wrestling, the upstart promotion funded by the billionaire Khan family.

It has been argued that there is one thing missing from their list of accomplishments - they have never performed for the WWE.

That is not likely to change for a while, given the launch of AEW, but it got us thinking. What if the Young Bucks had signed with the WWE? What if they had faced these men?

#1 The Revival

Dream match
Dream match

This is somewhat of a dream match for hardcore fans. The buzz for this match was most fervent when The Revival were tearing it up in WWE NXT, consistently having the best match on the card.

The appeal was simple; which was truly the best tag-team in the world?

Was it the throwback, old-school Revival, the team that espoused the motto - 'No flips. Only fists'?

Or was it the self-aware, super-kick spamming Young Bucks, the very team who appeared the most in gifs of "flippy $h!t"?

Some argued that it was The Revival, citing their numerous Match of the Night candidates as proof.

Some argued that it was The Young Bucks, arguing that they performed at a very high level almost every night, unlike The Revival who had weeks to prepare their matches.

This rivalry was acknowledged by both teams, and was even part of a running-gag on the Bucks' YouTube series, 'Being The Elite'.

Whilst we can argue about who the better team is, and debate about who would have won this match, one thing is certain; we missed out on a great wrestling match.

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