3 real-life moments of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson that will melt your heart

The ten-time world champion knows how to pull off a heart-melting surprise
The ten-time world champion knows how to pull off a heart-melting surprise

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. He is also known for his generosity as he's led multiple philanthropic causes over the years. The founder and head of the Dwayne Johnson foundation, he has granted hundreds of Make-A-Wish requests on top of donating regularly to everything from animal shelters and the military to his alma mater.

The Great One's generosity shines through most when doing personal acts of kindness. Whether it's buying his family members a house or gifting his colleagues vehicles, the ten-time WWE Champion is a master at creating heartwarming moments. Among The Brahma Bull's many benevolent acts that have come to light, a few stand out from the rest.

I’ll take happy 😭 tears all day. Here’s the vid from this morning of me surprising @katiekelzenberg over the school’s intercom. Her reaction when I say her name is priceless. I bought out her local theater this weekend so she & her BFF’s can watch RAMPAGE. #StillwaterHigh🤙🏾

Here are three real-life moments of kindness from the third-generation megastar that will melt your heart.

#3 The Rock gifted Tamina a new house and car

The Great One surprised WWE Superstar and cousin Tamina with an amazing gift
The Great One surprised WWE Superstar and cousin Tamina with an amazing gift

One of the most recent recipients of The Rock's generosity was his cousin, WWE Superstar Tamina. The Brahma Bull gifted the former Women's Tag Team Champion her dream home, fully furnished and decorated.

With family members present for the reveal, the second-generation star was left speechless as she broke down in tears of joy. Johnson wasn't done, though, as he revealed that he had also gotten her a car.

The Great One has often celebrated Tamina, a single mother of two, for her determination and hard work. This kind gesture is his biggest show of appreciation for the three-time 24/7 champion yet, one which is sure to enhance her life immensely. Johnson posted a video clip of the moment on his social media accounts, prompting a huge outpouring of emotional reactions.

#2 The Rock gifted trucks to his long-time stunt double and childhood mentor

Two of Dwayne Johnson's most treasured values are hard work and gratitude. The Brahma Bull lives by being the hardest worker in the room and appreciating the people that helped him become the megastar he is. He has demonstrated this many times over the years, but among them, two instances stand out.

In August 2018, Johnson gifted his stunt double of 17 years and cousin, Tanoai Reed, a brand new $30,000 truck in appreciation of the latter's dedication and hard work.

Two years later, The Great One gave the same gift to Harvey Whippleman aka Downtown Bruno for Christmas, recalling how Whippleman took him in at the age of 15 and helped him during his early wrestling career. Both men were reduced to tears by the ten-time world champion's generosity and gratitude, making for heart-melting moments.

#1 The Rock gifts his mother her dream home

The Great One is a great son
The Great One is a great son

One of the people closest and dearest to The Rock is his mofirsthandJohnson. Having witnessed her greatest struggles first hand growing up, The Great One has since made no secret of the fact that making her happy is one of the greatest joys of his life. She, in turn, has always been his number one fan, even being at ringside for some of his biggest wins in WWE.

So it was an understandably emotional moment when he bought her her dream house personally decorated by him. Complete with tributes to their Samoan ancestry and a "SmackDown room" filled with their most treasured shared memories, the reveal brought Mrs. Johnson to tears.

The Brahma Bull's act of appreciation led to an outpouring of fan emotion, appreciating Mrs. Johnson and mothers around the world.

It's safe to say that we could smell what The Rock was cooking at that moment, and it was heart-melting appreciation of mother's love!

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