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3 legendary matches between John Cena and Randy Orton

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The rivalry of a lifetime
The rivalry of a lifetime

The wrestling world has seen some brutal rivalries over the years. But a rivalry between John Cena aka Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, vs Randy Orton aka The Apex Predator, is one WWE fans will cherish. The Ohio Valley standouts had a one on one singles match in 2007, starting their rivalry.

The duo have chemistry in and outside the ring, and over the years have produced some brilliant performances in some of the biggest events on the WWE calendar.

The charismatic fighters were upcoming legends and future Hall of Famers, with Cena achieving it the hard way, and Randy taking up the greatest anti-hero role in WWE history. Let us take a look at some of the greatest matches the duo have contested in a decade long rivalry.

#3 SummerSlam 2007

The duo
The duo's first pay-per-view match

John Cena and Randy Orton first contested in a pay-per-view match in the SummerSlam of 2007. This match set the tone of brutality and burning enmity that would dominate their rivalry for the next decade. Orton had made things personal with John Cena weeks before the pay-per-view match.

The Apex Predator would emerge after John Cena’s matches and attack him ruthlessly, leaving him battered. It was a match the fans were dying to see. Cena was shaken, as he has never faced a brutal opponent like Randy Orton in his career.

Throughout the match, Cena found it difficult to match the Viper’s physicality and strength. In the end, Cena did escape from Orton’s grip and performed an awesome attitude adjustment to clinch the championship. They deserved the headlines after SummerSlam, and the fight signified their rivalry was not to be short-lived.

#2 Hell in a Cell 2009

Both were evenly matched
Both were evenly matched

By 2009, The Cenation Leader and Apex Predator were on different poles after repeated wins by Cena, which included a less than stellar “I Quit” match - in which Orton was easily defeated. Desperate, The Apex Predator wanted to bounce back, even if that meant going through hell. He meant it!


In the match, both were looking evenly matched against each other. Orton’s physicality and strength were matched by Cena’s swiftness. It was only when Orton connected a sadistic punk kick to Cena before the latter slowed down. Randy Orton then amped his brutality to the next level as he rammed a chair on Cena’s surgically repaired neck.

After an RKO failed to secure him the match, Orton handcuffed John Cena’s hands to the rope and sank in a chin lock which made the champion lose consciousness, handing Orton the victory.

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