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3 major unanswered questions for tonight's Raw (May 14, 2018 )

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Money in the Bank 2018
Who will fill out these shadows?

WWE Raw goes overseas tonight, airing in London. Now that Backlash is thankfully behind us and the build to Money In The Bank has begun in earnest, fans have a few big questions.

How long will the company take to answer them? Will we find out more tonight? There's still five weeks to go until the pay-per-view, so will the build be slow?

#1: Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal? Really?

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal.
Really? REALLY?

Roman Reigns needs repackaging. Badly. This babyface push just isn't working. Case in point - the crowd last week cheered Jinder Mahal for attacking Roman Reigns.

Jinder Mahal has quietly evolved into one of the most reliable heat magnets in the company. As long as he isn't holding a world title, Jinder Mahal is good in his role.

The guy can get most people cheered for playing off him. Not Roman Reigns, at least not so far.

But apparently, that's what Vince McMahon is hoping for. I can't imagine a feud that fans would be less excited for, but after last week, it looks like that's what we'll get.

So the question is...REALLY?!

If so, you can choose to either laugh or cry at it. I personally found the whole thing last week tragically funny.

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