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3 matches that we may not see if Triple H retires from in-ring action

Amit Shukla
Published Jan 10, 2020
Jan 10, 2020 IST

Will 'The Game' be Over?

WWE COO Triple H recently held a conference call ahead of NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II where he hinted at hanging up the boots soon. If that is anything to agree and believe in, one can call it the end of an era and a career that has spanned across decades and helped numerous wrestlers get over with the audience when they needed it.

The Cerebral Assassin is the brainchild behind NXT and raised the stakes of the developmental brand.

He has given us great moments over the years in the ring and has been in memorable storylines. Triple H is a 14-time World Champion, and his creative genius has helped wrestlers get the desired push. 

The Game has been phenomenal on the mic and between the ropes, but the fact that he is now in a corporate role leaves fewer chances for him to step between the ropes.

In case he decides to leave in-ring action, we will be deprived of some matches that may have happened if he would have been an active performer for the company.

I list down some matches that we could have seen, and welcome your thoughts in the comments section. So without further ado, let's get down to it:

#3 Triple H vs CM Punk

A match we may never get to see
A match we may never get to see

The two have fought at Night of Champions 2011 and on SmackDown as well as a few other occasions, but since leaving WWE, Punk has been vocal at the way Triple H functioned and how his health was neglected by WWE Medical staff.

This hyped up to a level where it felt like there was no turning back, but now with Punk on WWE Backstage, there is a possibility of him returning to in-ring action once again.


In case Triple H decides to move away from in-ring competition, this would be a great match that we would never have got to see.

#2 Triple H vs Cain Velasquez

A collision of two worlds
A collision of two worlds

Triple H brought Cain Velasquez into the WWE, but the former UFC star couldn't have a long run as he was injured and is currently in the treatment room.

He is a great performer and was the only one that could beat Brock Lesnar with a first-round TKO in the UFC. This is enough to talk about his power, but we wouldn't be able to see him square off against Triple H, in case the WWE COO decides to step out of in-ring action.

A match between these two would be a great idea, however, it wouldn't take place at this year's WrestleMania, because Velasquez does not possess the mic skills required to be a good orator and he needs to get over with the fans to be able to challenge The King of Kings.

A fight between these two would be an exciting contest, and they would tear the house down in case they get the opportunity to square off between the ropes.

#1 Triple H vs Tyson Fury

Will The Gypsy King take down The King of Kings?
Will The Gypsy King take down The King of Kings?

Tyson Fury appeared on the first episode SmackDown on FOX and instantly got involved in a storyline with Braun Strowman, which went until WWE Crown Jewel where The Gypsy King secured a win over The Monster Among Men.

The two have buried the hatchet and are friends now. But could we see The Gypsy King challenges The Game to a match with the stipulation that if he gets to beat WWE COO, then he would be called The King of Kings? We have seen a few novelty matches like this that have happened in the past, and this one is no different.

This one would have the fans involved, and they would be excited about the outcome of the match, as they were when The Battle of The Billionaires happened, where Vince McMahon lost his hair.

If the tease by Triple H isn't true, then we hope these matches do take place, but if there is a slight possibility of the 14-time champion hanging up his boots, then we would be deprived of these and many more great matches.

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