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3 of the greatest WWE stars who haven't competed inside Hell in A Cell

Shiraz Aslam
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The Hell in A Cell structure being lowered down to ringside.

The Hell in A Cell match is one of the most iconic yet perilous match types in the history of professional wrestling. Although it is widely believed to be one of the most painful matches, it is considered as a huge honour and achievement to compete inside the Devil's Playground due to the structure's rich history and prestige.

The Hell in A Cell match has been around for twenty years now but WWE has always used it sparingly. Until 2009, before the Hell in A Cell pay-per-view was introduced, only sixteen matches had taken place which means that, on average, the fans saw a Hell in A Cell on WWE programming after every year and a half. Now that the pay-per-view has been introduced, fans get to watch at least two matches per year. The Hell in A Cell structure has been used twice outside of the pay-per-view since 2009. with both matches taking place at Wrestlemania 28 and Wrestlemania 32 respectively.

Given that match's limited use, it's no surprise that many of the all-time greats haven't had the opportunity to compete inside the historic structure. With that said, let's look at 3 of the greatest WWE stars who have never competed inside the Hell in A Cell structure.

3.Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy hasn't gotten extreme inside Hell in A Cell.

Jeff Hardy is a three-time world champion, four-time Intercontinental champion, multi-time tag team champion and former US Champion. He is also the ninth Grand Slam champion in WWE history and has helped revolutionize tag-team wrestling alongside his brother, Matt Hardy. Hardy has found considerable success inside and outside of WWE. Although Hardy took part in the first-ever TLC match-up, The Charismatic Enigma is yet to compete inside Hell in A Cell.

In my opinion, it's a huge shame that a risk-taker like Hardy hasn't competed inside one of the most extreme and brutal match types,i.e Hell in A Cell. Hardy is known to take things to an extreme level and just imagine the risks he could take inside the structure.

Hardy is rumoured to face Randy Orton at this year's Hell in A Cell pay-per-view, let's hope that comes to fruition inside Hell in A Cell.

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