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3 Peoples Who Probably Hate Brock Lesnar In Real Life

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Brock Lesnar and his long time rival
Brock Lesnar and his
long time

As we all know that WWE is one of world's biggest Sports Entertainment company and it has over hundreds of superstars on their roster.

There have been times where the feud between two wrestlers went so brutal and personal that no one can differentiate between reel and real.

Brock Lesnar is also one of those wrestlers who has always been a threat to his opponent.

His feuds often became very personal and this is why fans easily get confused if he has a real-life heat with his opponent or not. Superstars like Roman Reigns showed that he hate Brock Lesnar so much but we cannot forget that this is all scripted and they do not hate each other in real life. Still, there are many stars who probably don't like The Beast.

Today, in this article, we will take a look at 3 peoples who probably don't like Brock Lesnar in real-life.

#3 WWE employees (In my opinion)

Image result for wwe roster
WWE Roster

In March 2002, Brock Lesnar debuted in the WWE and quickly entered in the King Of The Ring tournament and later won it after defeating Rob Van Dam in the finals.

This victory gave him an opportunity to face the WWE Champion of that time, The Rock at that year SummerSlam. Only after 5 months of his WWE debut, he defeated The Rock to win the WWE Heavyweight Title. In such a short time, he became one of the most decorated WWE superstars of all time.

But in 2004 Lesnar left the company only to pursue his career in Nation Football League. We can say that some WWE workers were not happy after listening to this news. The way Lesnar left the WWE after being pushed to the top can annoy anyone.

(Note: It is just my opinion and I do not hate Brock Lesnar in any way.)

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