3 Possible Endings for the Universal Championship match at Crown Jewel

Who will win the vacant championship?
Who will win the vacant championship?
Ali Akber

The Universal Championship is currently the biggest prize for men on the Raw roster and the WWE in general. After Brock Lesnar held the championship for the longest time in the company, he was finally beaten by The Big Dog Roman Reigns, who claimed his first Universal title.

The WWE has been giving Roman Reigns great pushes, and while it was expected that Roman Reigns would win the championship much earlier than he actually did, he did so only after interference from Braun Strowman.

When Kurt Angle, the General Manager of Raw, denied Paul Heyman’s client a rematch for the championship at an early date, Lesnar broke into Hell in a Cell to lay waste to both Reigns and Strowman while they were competing for the gold.

This gave birth to the triple-threat match between the three men at the Crown Jewel event scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia on November 2.

There had been rumors that the company would let Roman Reigns keep the title for a long period, as it took him a long to win the championship, and therefore he was denied defending the title every Monday Night by acting GM Baron Corbin to ensure that his reign continues into Crown Jewel.

However, Reigns recently revealed on Raw that he was battling leukemia, and therefore he relinquished his title which is now lying vacant with the WWE.

Now the match will be a one-on-one between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman and will crown a new Universal Champion. There can be 3 possible, if not more, endings for the match which will feature two explosively powerful superstars.

#3 Braun Strowman pins Brock Lesnar clean

The Monster can bring down The Beast
The Monster can bring down The Beast

Braun Strowman is the strongest contender for the championship going into the match. There is little doubt that he has the power to take on Brock Lesnar.

With Roman Reigns out of the picture for the title, the WWE will be faced with a tough task to choose its new Universal Champion.

With that said, Lesnar is a part of the match as a result of his rematch clause, and the money involved in events staged in Saudi Arabia, of course. It seems like the man will not go on to win the title.

After all, he has been training and waiting in line for his UFC return, and once he returns to the UFC, he won’t have time for the WWE anymore and won't risk getting into matches in the company which could result in injuries and hurt his UFC return.

Therefore, it’s most likely that if Strowman does end up becoming the Universal Champion at Crown Jewel to shake things up a bit, he will indeed pin Brock Lesnar to take him out of contention for the title for some time, and begin his new rivalry with Drew McIntyre, who is another monster worthy of a shot at the title.

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