3 promotions WWE seems to be working with for a Forbidden Door-like event

Triple H could be planning WWE
Triple H could be planning WWE's version of a Forbidden Door special [Image source: wwe.com]

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion on Earth and has been for quite some time. Outside of a brief run where World Championship Wrestling managed to defeat the company in ratings, they have been on top of the industry for around four decades now.

Potentially due to the size of the company or Vince McMahon's leadership, the promotion has often been on an island of its own. Outside of a few working relationships, typically to acquire talent, the Sports Entertainment juggernaut rarely acknowledges or works with other companies.

With Vince McMahon out and Triple H in, things seem to be changing. Even when The Game ran NXT, he regularly worked with EVOLVE, wXw Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, and PROGRESS Wrestling. Now, though, these relationships appear to be forming at an even bigger level.

AEW is known for its inter-promotional Forbidden Door events. Now with Triple H opening the biggest company in the world up to working with others, it could host its own Worlds Collide-like special. This article will take a look at a handful of promotions that are most likely to work with World Wrestling Entertainment on a supercard, given recent events.

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Below are three promotions WWE seems to be working with for a Forbidden Door-like event.

#3. WWE has an obvious relationship with TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling is one of the longest-running promotions in North America. Initially known as NWA-TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling launched in 2002 and, despite many hurdles, remains active to this very day.

WWE and TNA Wrestling were once rivals, with the latter regularly taking shots at the former. In fact, TNA briefly moved the IMPACT series to Monday nights in an attempt to compete with WWE, although it ultimately failed.

Things have changed quite a bit, however. NXT and TNA have been working with each other in recent weeks. TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace appeared on NXT and at Battleground and many believe an NXT star will show up at TNA Against All Odds.

Given how this relationship is working so far, if anybody would be involved in a Forbidden Door or Worlds Collide-style show, it would probably be TNA Wrestling. NXT vs. TNA could make for an exciting show if Triple H and Endeavor were to allow it.

#2. NOAH revealed an upcoming announcement linking the companies

Pro Wrestling NOAH is another long-running wrestling promotion. From Japan, NOAH was founded back in 2000 by the legendary Mitsuharu Misawa. It remains one of the top Japanese wrestling promotions to this very day.

The relationship between WWE and NOAH is still somewhat unclear, but there is definitely something brewing. The Great Muta is a spokesman for WWE and for the promotion, which makes for an obvious link. Shinsuke Nakamura even worked a NOAH show last year in January.

Perhaps most notable, NOAH recently put out a post on social media promising an announcement from both itself and WWE in a matter of days. It referred to the announcement as "major" and teased a message from a "certain wrestler," although details remain vague.

Supposing NOAH and World Wrestling Entertainment are getting into a working relationship, it would make sense that they'd be involved in a supershow. This could even mean former NXT stars such as Anthony Green, Saxon Huxley, and Timothy Thatcher could compete.

#1. Triple H seems to be working with Marigold

Dream Star Fighting Marigold, best known to wrestling fans as just Marigold, is the newest joshi pro wrestling promotion looking to take over Japan. The company is run by Rossy Ogawa, the former boss of Stardom.

There has long been speculation that WWE and Marigold would work together before the first show even took place. Much of this is based on both Rossy and Giulia, a future WWE star, hanging out during WrestleMania weekend and Giulia reportedly joining the titanic wrestling promotion sooner rather than later.

That speculation has been proven accurate, as IYO SKY will be competing at an upcoming Marigold show representing WWE in the process. The company trusting one of its top stars proves this relationship is very real and perhaps already quite strong.

Marigold being involved in a Forbidden Door-style Worlds Collide event could lead to some serious dream matches. Roxanne Perez taking on a top star from the joshi promotion, or even a bigger name such as Bianca Belair doing it, could be fascinating.

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