3 reasons IYO SKY and Dakota Kai should win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament and 2 they shouldn't

Dakota Kai and IYO Shirai are competing in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament
Dakota Kai and IYO Shirai are competing in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament

On Friday Night SmackDown, WWE official Adam Pearce made a significant announcement about the vacant WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. He revealed that a tournament would be held to crown the new champions, beginning on this week's RAW.

Fans speculated over the weekend about who might be featured in the tournament. As soon as RAW started, the brackets were revealed. Eight teams comprised of stars from RAW, SmackDown, and even NXT will be battling to crown new champions. Check out the bracket in WWE's tweet below.

IYO SKY and Dakota Kai took on the newly formed duo Tamina and Dana Brooke in the inaugural match of the first round. After a hard-fought contest, Kai and Sky walked away as the victors, much to Bayley's satisfaction. With their big win and the faction's momentum, many believe the two are the favorites to win the tournament.

Should IYO SKY and Dakota Kai win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament? Are they the right choice? What are the potential drawbacks of the new main roster duo walking away with the titles?

Below are three reasons IYO SKY and Dakota Kai should win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament and two reasons they shouldn't.

#5. Should: The newly called up stars could rejuvenate the division

IYO SKY, Bayley, and Dakota Kai
IYO SKY, Bayley, and Dakota Kai

The WWE women's tag team division has had mixed success since being introduced. Some duos who held the tag title were heavily pushed and involved in exciting stories. At times, however, the championship was seemingly just decorative and barely received focus.

Another major issue the title has faced in the past is the small number of teams vying for the prize. With a handful of teams competing for the titles, fans have often been forced to witness repetitive matches and monotonous storylines. At times, the bouts become predictable and maybe even dull.

Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are far from the same. Neither have been stars of the main roster before WWE SummerSlam or competed for the coveted tag team championship. While they may cross paths with wrestlers they've battled in NXT, it will be in a fresh setting and possibly in front of an entirely new audience.

#4. Shouldn't: There are stars on the roster who have waited for opportunity and should get the titles first

SmackDown's Shotzi
SmackDown's Shotzi

Dakota Kai, IYO SKY, and Bayley have a lot of momentum on their side right now. The trio receives microphone time, match time, and plenty of recaps. In many ways, they've been dominating WWE Monday Night RAW since joining forces at SummerSlam. SKY and Kai may even be the favorites to win the titles under The Role Model's tutelage.

Would it be fair for them to win the gold immediately? The question has some merit. There's an extensive list of female superstars who have been on the main roster for longer than the two who haven't sniffed a championship yet. Some have even been on the main roster for years and have come close to holding the gold.

Doudrop, Sonya Deville, Shotzi, Xia Li, Raquel Rodriguez, and Aliyah are prominent names on the main roster but are yet to win a title. It could be argued that any of the aforementioned stars deserve an opportunity with a title and a credible push before the tremendously talented newcomers.

Frankly, some of the superstars in the tournament need something to kickstart their momentum. There's no denying that Kai and SKY will be successful, so perhaps somebody else could get a turn first.

#3. Should: The faction and NXT call-ups would have instant credibility

Fans often debate if a championship makes a wrestler or if the wrestler makes a championship. Both have been true at various times in the annals of wrestling history. More often than not, however, it can be a mixture of the two.

Dakota Kai and IYO SKY should win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament because it would immediately give the faction credibility. While Bayley is firmly established as a top star in the company, Kai and SKY have just embarked on their journey. A major win and championship gold will signal to fans that they're a top act in the promotion.

The aforementioned bonus of the superstars being fresh will help the titles seem more important, as will Bayley's involvement with them. Above all else, however, the belts can help cement the new stars' place at the top of the card with unfamiliar audience members.

#2. Shouldn't: They're already busy with their own story and faction

One potential drawback to IYO SKY and Dakota Kai winning the tag team tournament is the fact that the pair already have a lot going for them. They're in a brand new stable that is prominently featured on the company's programming. They're also already in a feud with some of the top names of the red brand, including Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss.

In 2022, we should be long past the point of a show featuring only one storyline with female superstars. While the angle is already incredibly fun, it shouldn't be the only female-based story on the brand. Plus, there's a chance that the titles could become an afterthought if added to an already developing story.

The titles can't be overlooked or become an afterthought as soon as they're brought back, and including them in a faction war may create the issue. It may be best to keep things simple by having the belts away from the stable for the time being.

#1. Should: WWE needs heel champions if Sasha Banks and Naomi return

Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Megan Morant
Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Megan Morant

Earlier in the year, Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of WWE during a live episode of Monday Night RAW. Fans were shocked, and seemingly so were World Wrestling Entertainment officials. The Boss and Glow were the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions before their exit, making it all the more shocking.

Since the pair left, things have changed dramatically within the company. Vince McMahon retired from his role, with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Nick Khan sharing responsibility at the very top of the corporate ladder. With new management, there's a strong chance Banks, and Naomi will return to action.

If the former champions do return, the most likely scenario will see them immediately challenge whoever is crowned champion next. Banks and Naomi will likely be babyfaces, so their future opponents need to be heels. With Kai, SKY, and Bayley having so much momentum as a villainous stable, they'd be the perfect opposition for the returning stars.

Could Monday Night RAW superstars Dakota Kai and IYO SKY win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship? A win is certainly possible, especially with Bayley by their side. However, whether or not the duo pulls it off remains to be seen.

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