3 reasons why Jimmy Uso betrayed Roman Reigns at WWE Night of Champions 2023

JImmy Uso shocked the world at Night Of Champions
JImmy Uso shocked the world at Night Of Champions

WWE pulled off a shocking ending at Night of Champions 2023 when Jimmy Uso turned on Roman Reigns. During his Undisputed Tag Team Championship match, The Tribal Chief attempted to rough up Jey Uso. This was when Jimmy Uso decided he had had enough and superkicked Reigns to his knees.

Jey pleaded with his brother to no avail as Jimmy delivered another superkick to Reigns, sending the latter out of the ring. The WWE Universe went wild with glee, watching The Tribal Chief reap the consequences of his bullying actions.

Fans also wonder why the elder of the twins did what he did and what consequences await him at The Tribal Chief's 1000-day celebration.

Here are three possible reasons why Jimmy Uso betrayed Roman Reigns at Night of Champions 2023

#3. To set up Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos

WWE has been teasing a turn in The Bloodline for months, and fans have been patiently waiting to watch it unfold. Now that the first turn has been executed, the in-fighting is bound to begin.

Battle lines have been drawn, with Jimmy Uso on one side and Roman Reigns on the other. Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa did not explicitly choose sides, but they will likely side with Jimmy and Reigns, respectively.

This could lead to a tag team match between the Bloodline members, possibly at Money in the Bank or SummerSlam. Which shocking developments will come of that potential match? Jey Uso finally getting off the fence and standing up to Reigns? Is Solo Sikoa doing the same? We can't wait to see how it unfolds!

#2. Jimmy Uso was the logical choice to turn on Roman Reigns at WWE Night Of Champions 2023

Of all the Bloodline members around Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso was the one with the clearest reason to turn on The Tribal Chief at Night Of Champions. Unlike Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa, he and Jey Uso were no longer in their leader's good graces. Neither did he have as much fear of The Head Of The Table as his younger twin, who suffered the most brutal induction into the group.

Thus, it made sense that he was the first family member to turn, beginning the implosion chapter of the faction with a bang. Solo Sikoa could follow suit, with the ever-conflicted Jey Uso being the last to fully abandon Reigns since he was the first to fall in line. As the kids say these days, "It will be cinema!"

#1. It was the perfect way to conclude Sami Zayn's story with The Bloodline

Since putting a chair to Roman Reigns' back at Royal Rumble 2023, Sami Zayn's mission has been to ensure The Bloodline implodes. The Master Strategist failed to dethrone The Tribal Chief in Montreal at Elimination Chamber and subsequently failed to convince Jey Uso to leave the stable. He and Kevin Owens scored a definitive victory by dethroning the Usos at WrestleMania 39.

Their mission was not over, though, as they continued to clash with The Bloodline in a bid to complete their mission. The 2023 Draft separated them from Reigns' faction before they could do it, but Night Of Champions gave them one final chance to make their foes implode before moving on.

So what better way to wrap up Zayn's story with the group than for him to watch them break while scoring one final victory? Reigns may still be the undisputed champion, but the former Honorary Uce will always have the satisfaction of standing over him in victory as his family crumbles.

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