3 Reasons why Paul Heyman should confront CM Punk on SmackDown

Paul Heyman and CM Punk. Image Credits: X
Paul Heyman and CM Punk. Image Credits: X

CM Punk's return at Survivor Series: WarGames was the highlight of the Premium Live Event. While it had great matches and comebacks, Punk's return towards the end of the event stole the show. Later, the 45-year-old also made an appearance on RAW.

This week, CM Punk will make an appearance on SmackDown. While no one knows what he will do when he appears on the blue brand, a plethora of superstars would like to have a go at Punk. Among everyone on the blue brand, Paul Heyman should be the guy to meet him in the ring.

In this article, we will look at three reasons why Paul Heyman must confront Punk on SmackDown:

#3. To keep CM Punk away from SmackDown


Before CM Punk arrived in WWE, Roman Reigns was the biggest superstar in the promotion. However, now that the Best in the World is here, Reigns has serious competition in front of him. This is something Heyman, too, must be aware of.

If Punk signs with SmackDown and regularly appears on the blue brand, at some point, he will overtake The Tribal Chief. This is something neither Reigns nor Heyman would want.

Hence, it won't be surprising to see Heyman trying to convince Punk to stay away from the blue brand.

#2. To manipulate him to challenge Seth Rollins


In WWE, Roman Reigns is having a dominant run as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. While Reigns has been close to losing on many occasions, he somehow manages to orchestrate a comeback. However, given Punk's experience, there is a chance Reigns might not be able to do the same if they face each other.

Given Punk is a free agent, Paul Heyman can manipulate the 45-year-old to challenge Seth Rollins. One way The Wiseman can influence the Best in the World is by showing him clips and statements of Rollins speaking against him.

#1. To ally with CM Punk


During CM Punk's previous run with WWE, Paul Heyman managed him briefly. Under The Wiseman, he achieved many accolades, and the WWE Universe liked the duo. Therefore, it won't be surprising to see Heyman try to build a bond with Punk again.

In the coming weeks, Heyman could betray The Bloodline and again manage Punk. If Heyman does leave the heel faction, it could be attributed to Reigns' lack of activity.

It will be interesting to see if Heyman and Punk form an alliance again.

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