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3 reasons why Braun Strowman is an overrated WWE Superstar

  • Analysing a list of reasons why The Monster Among Men is overrated.
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Modified 01 Oct 2018, 19:10 IST
Braun Strowman
Is he really a monster among men?

Braun Strowman is one of the leading superstars in WWE at the moment, and he is one of the most loved superstars. His powerful and bulky figure makes him a fan favourite because it leads to some destruction every now and then.

Braun was previously a member of The Wyatt family. However, he has gained popularity in the last two years as a singles performer, and it continues to grow.

Braun's dominance in the ring is something that's widely talked about, and rightly so. Every now and then we see him unrealistically squashing opponents.

Braun has talent, but the way he uses it, and the way he gets cheered because of it, makes me arrive at a point - he is overrated.

This may raise some eyebrows, and that's totally expected. Lets have a look at 3 reasons why Braun Strowman is overrated.

#3 He's not an all round performer

Braun is not a complete superstar

The thing about superstars like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and AJ Styles is that they are complete superstars. Apart from delivering exceptional matches, their promos are enthralling. They are interesting and the fans yearn to see them.


Braun is a one-dimensional superstar who specialises in squashing opponents. Braun has only one job - he enters the arena, dominates his opponent, and then walks off to his music.

He might be 'The Monster Among Men' because of his size, but when it comes to his all round performance, i highly doubt that. Braun has the support of the WWE Universe, and that overshadows his critics. It's time we got analytical about Braun Strowman.

#2 One too many needless squash matches

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Is Finn Balor really that easy to beat?

One thing Braun Strowman specialises in are squash matches. It has gotten really boring, and the result is known right from the start. Yes his size might be a factor, but lets face it - does it really make sense when a superstar is only on his knees after having suffered five superman punches, and then rises back up to squash his opponent?

Quality wrestlers like Finn Balor have entered his record books. Seriously? The first ever Universal Champion entering a squash match?

The way his matches are booked, it hides his true potential. Also, the manner in which he wins his matches is way too unrealistic and unnatural. He is overrated for his unrealistic performances in the ring.

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Published 01 Oct 2018, 19:10 IST
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