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3 reasons why Dolph Ziggler should have won the WWE World Cup

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This could have been the most impressive accomplishment of Dolph Ziggler’s career

The first ever WWE World Cup did not exactly go as one would have thought. There were quite a few surprises on the way to the final, and an ultimate one at the final itself.

Randy Orton suffered a surprising loss to Rey Mysterio in the WWE World Cup opener, and The Miz defeated Jeff Hardy in the second match to book a place for himself in the semi-finals against Rey Mysterio.

On the other side of the card, Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley. The match saw no interference by Dean Ambrose, and a comfortable victory for The Architect. Kurt Angle’s return wasn’t exactly as one would have hoped as Dolph Ziggler stole a comfortable victory from the Olympic winner to book himself a place in the semi-finals.

In what could be the best match of the World Cup, Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins to go into the finals, while The Miz had a perfect night trying to save himself from being fired from SmackDown Live as he defeated Rey Mysterio to face Ziggler in the finals.

What followed later was a disappointing finish to an amazing tournament. This could have been the most impressive accomplishment of Dolph Ziggler’s career, but it transitioned into Shane O' Mac lifting the World Cup trophy.

While this saved The Miz’s SmackDown Live career, WWE could have used this opportunity to push Dolph Ziggler. We discuss 3 reasons Dolph Ziggler deserved the World Cup win.

#3 Ziggler had a lot to lose

WWE World Cup
WWE World Cup

The Miz is in line for the WWE Championship, and while WWE put The Miz on top by bringing an injury angle to the finals, it seemed like Ziggler would get the victory. But WWE lost the World Cup plot as soon as Shane McMahon placed himself as the finalist of the tournament, and successfully defeated Dolph Ziggler to lift the trophy.

Ziggler had a lot to lose with Drew McIntyre eying the Universal Championship. Ziggler could at least have had something else to boast about aside his Scottish heavyweight teammate.

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