3 reasons why Goldberg shouldn't have become the new WWE Universal Champion

Goldberg defeated
Goldberg defeated "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt to become the new WWE Universal Champion
Modified 28 Feb 2020

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The concluding images of the main event at WWE Super ShowDown 2020 between "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Goldberg shocked the entire wrestling community, as Goldberg toppled the seemingly indestructible "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt to become the new WWE Universal Champion. The result is all the more surprising, considering the title change has taken place right at the cusp of WrestleMania 36.

Till now, it was considered certain that Bray Wyatt would carry the WWE Universal Championship to WrestleMania, wherein finally, he would meet his match in the form of the individual who WWE creative and top management believes is the next guy to carry the company forward.

The match at Super ShowDown has shaken the entire fabric of this premise. Although the rationale behind this move could be explained as an attempt by WWE to draw more attention towards WrestleMania 36, considering the main event appeal of Goldberg.

However, has WWE taken the right call by changing its plans in the lead up to WrestleMania? Let us look at the three reasons why it might not be the case.

#3 Reducing the credibility of The Fiend's character

The relatively easy loss will affect the credibility of
The relatively easy loss will affect the credibility of "The Fiend"

Ever since Bray Wyatt debuted as "The Fiend" in the summer of 2019, he was portrayed as an indestructible force. From his entrance to his weekly promos and the way he intimidated his opponents, every aspect of the character had been built up to perfection.

Superstars such as Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan were not only defeated but were intimidated to such an extent that "it changed them". Furthermore, in the matches he wrestled, he was portrayed as a Superstar who didn't show or feel any pain, even to the fiercest of attacks.

The heel character has been extremely popular with the fans. Hence, the story of his eventual downfall needed to be told on a grander stage and needed much more drama and effort to look convincing.

However, it took four spears and a botched Jackhammer from Goldberg to defeat The Fiend. Hence, not only has the WWE Universal Championship been taken away from the character, but the way Goldberg defeated him has adversely impacted his credibility.

#2 Set up for a predictable main event at WrestleMania 36

If rumors are true, then the match between Goldberg and Roman Reigns is bound to be predictable
If rumors are true, then the match between Goldberg and Roman Reigns is bound to be predictable

It has been heavily speculated that the new WWE Universal Champion, Goldberg, is set to face "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns in the main event at WrestleMania 36. On paper, the feud seems highly marketable as 'The Battle of the Spears' between two powerhouses. The feud has been speculated even in the past and has gained much traction in recent months, with Reigns teasing Goldberg about his entrance ritual on Twitter.

Ever since making a triumphant in-ring comeback after defeating leukemia, Roman Reigns has stayed away from the main event scene with no Championship wins. His major accolades since his return include being SmackDown's 1st Draft Pick, the sole survivor at Survivor Series 2019, and the runner-up at Royal Rumble 2020.

For someone who has always been touted as being "The Guy" in WWE, time seems to be ripe for a return to the main event picture. However, if the rumors of a feud between Goldberg and Roman Reigns turn out to be true, then the return has been somewhat dampened by the sheer predictability of the outcome of the feud.

It seems extremely unlikely that Goldberg would continue to be a regular fixture beyond WrestleMania 36, which means Roman Reigns is bound to win the bout at 'Mania. Thus, the element of anticipation and surprise has been somewhat taken away.

#1 Goldberg's in-ring limitations in recent years

Goldberg's match with The Undertaker magnified his in-ring limitations

Without a shadow of a doubt, Goldberg remains one of the greatest performers in sports entertainment. From an unimaginable winning streak at WCW to a triumphant in-ring return in 2016 to eventually being rewarded with a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2018, the man has achieved all there is in the business. It is indeed a testimony to his dedication that he still is in good shape and can wrestle.

However, being 53, there is so much a human body can do, especially in a demanding sport like wrestling. Goldberg's recent matches have magnified his in-ring deficiencies. The biggest case in point being his match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown 2019 which was filled with uncomfortable moments. Even his match with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown 2020 included a botched Jackhammer at the end.

Thus, it begs the question of whether Goldberg is capable of putting up a decent performance at 'The Grandest Stage of Them All'. Considering all these points, one is bound to wonder whether WWE chose the right person to emerge victorious at Super ShowDown or not.

Published 28 Feb 2020
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