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3 Reasons why John Cena should retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35

Rahul Singh
19.12K   //    13 Jan 2019, 15:23 IST

The Phenom and the 16-time Champ
The Phenom and the 16-time Champ

John Cena is one of the biggest draws WWE has ever had. The Undertaker is one of the most loyal superstars that WWE has ever employed. It is amazing how we can exchange the subjects of the previous two statements and yet the sentences hold true. The similarities between the two pro-wrestlers doesn’t end here.

Besides being WWE legends and future ‘hall of fame’ headliners, the longevity these two superstars have enjoyed remains unparalleled in the modern era of sports-entertainment. Both have gained the ultimate respect of their peers, and have been locker-room leaders.

The duo’s dedication to living their characters has also been unbelievable. The Undertaker has lived his gimmick for almost 3 decades until recent times when he has started to make public appearances as Mark Calaway. Otherwise, most children had no idea he wasn’t dead. In the same way, John Cena has proven to be the superhero everywhere. He has shown unbelievable fight and grit, miraculous recovery skills, amazing attitude, team spirit, and always has time to be a ‘make-a-wish’ champion.

Hence, it’d be fitting that these two huge superstars battle it out at Wrestlemania 35. It will be a perfect conclusion for The Undertaker’s career. Here are 3 reasons why.

#3 They have unfinished business

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The Undertaker was universally thought to have wrestled his last match until John Cena challenged him on an episode of RAW in one of the most brutal verbal attacks in WWE history. Cena followed it up with more scathing promos destroying Taker’s aura and mystic, humanizing him like no one had done before him. The build-up still suffered because Undertaker didn't appear until the bells rang on April 8, 2018. Yet, the quality of a story depends on its conclusion. While, the match was not expected to be a wrestling classic, but there were moments to be created by quality in-ring storytellers.

The match began… and it ended. The dream match that had become reality after being talked about for years lasted less barely 3 minutes. It was a let-down for all the WWE fans. And this is why this match needs to happen at Wrestlemania 35. Fans deserve a Cena-Undertaker match that won’t leave them feeling robbed of a something big. The feud needs a fitting conclusion. Cena retiring Undertaker is that conclusion.

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