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3 reasons why Kevin Owens replacing Kofi Kingston at Fastlane is best for business

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A shocker at SmackDown!
A shocker at SmackDown!

Tonight's SmackDown ended up dropping a shocker as a returning Kevin Owens replaced the fan favourite Kofi Kingston in the WWE title match at Fastlane. Now we're bound to witness Kevin Owens challenge the planet's champion at the PPV for the WWE championship.

Kofi Kingston has had a rough climb to the top. He had to wait more than a decade to get his chance at the main event scene. He finally got it at the WWE Fastlane PPV, but is out of the title picture again.

Even though the WWE Universe is pissed off at the moment at seeing the Jamaican high flyer get screwed again, this is the best thing that could have happened to Kofi Kingston. Let's look at 3 reasons why Kofi getting replaced by a returning Owens at Fastlane is what's best for business.

#3 A babyface Owens would have bombed

A babyface Owens just won
A babyface Owens just won't work at this time

One look at the Kevin Owens return update video on Youtube, and it was clear as day that this babyface character wasn't going to work at all. The happy go lucky dad in Owens was a bland character who just wasn't going to click with the audience at this moment, especially when we have a genuine fan favourite in Kofi Kingston to take the top spot.

Maybe Kevin Owens could be built up over the next few months for a face turn, but now would have been the worst time to pull the plug on that.

#2 WWE has listened to the fans

Kofi's time is sure to come soon

After Kofi's performances at the gauntlet match and Elimination Chamber, the entire WWE Universe was rooting for Kofi to go on to the show of shows and win the big one.

The WWE didn't want to mess up their original plans and decided to put Kofi in the title match at Fastlane to just get it over with and move onto Kevin Owens vs Bryan at Mania for the title.

It seems that WWE has realised that there couldn't be a better time to cash in on Kofi's popularity and have finally decided to alter their plans going into WrestleMania.

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