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3 reasons why Raw missed the mark this week (08 July 2019)

Amit Shukla
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Why was this done?
Why was this done?

WWE Raw was a low show compared to the episode last week despite the fact that Paul Heyman was still in charge of Monday Nights. The show which was the best we have seen in a long time on Monday Nights turned to its normal routine as we have seen in the past.

If there wasn't the last segment on the show, Raw would have been the worst in a long time. Although the show wasn't good to begin with, there were some moments that didn't make any sense at all. To add to the trouble, we had some bad promos and a moment that has no one intrigued anymore.

With all the glitches and the issues that the show has gone through, I look at things that didn't work for the show at all. So without further ado, let's get down to it:

#3 The Script

It was the lackluster script that made no sense at all to the fans. Whether it be the set of matches or backstage promos, there was no need for anything that would hamper the user experience. The overall presentation as per the script didn't really match expectations, and therefore it was a downfall from the moment the show began. Whether you are looking for a good show or a segment, the script has to be so that it entices fans to watch and stay glued to the TV screens.

It seems like this week Paul Heyman had no say in the creative decisions, because had it been the result would have been different. The master of promos and Brock Lesnar's humble advocate can sell segments and shows like no other.

His entry to the ring and the promo around Extreme Rules didn't entice anyone and made it look like a moment to either shut the TV or switch to something else that was coming on the screen.

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