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3 reasons why The Undertaker teaming with Roman Reigns is a bad idea & 3 reasons it's a good one

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An interesting alliance
An interesting alliance

On the episode of WWE RAW after Stomping Grounds 2019, Roman Reigns was brutalized by Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, only to be saved by the most unexpected name possible - The Undertaker.

In the latest WWE NEWS, we know that Roman Reigns and The Undertaker have history together. It was a little over two years ago when Reigns "retired" The Phenom. They even teamed up together in a live event at one point later (a match that also saw them team with Braun Strowman) and they seemingly shook hands, letting bygones be bygones.

Later in the show, WWE confirmed the tag team match. Roman Reigns will be teaming up with The Undertaker to take on Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. While the match has obviously turned a lot of heads, there's still a lot of mixed reaction since it is The Undertaker in 2019.

However, there are two sides to it as there is with everything and here are a few reasons why it's good and a few why it's bad!

#3. Why it's a bad idea: It doesn't make any storyline sense

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns "retired" The Undertaker

It's interesting to see that in the Extreme Rules tag team match, The Undertaker will be facing Drew McIntyre and his WrestleMania 32 opponent Shane McMahon, all while he teams up with his WrestleMania 33 opponent Roman Reigns.

From a storyline perspective, this makes no sense whatsoever. What incentive does The Undertaker have to help the man who supposedly "retired" him? Moreover, he showed a lot of respect to Shane McMahon when he was SmackDown Live commissioner.

Where does The Undertaker play into this whole story? Why is he helping Reigns? He has nothing to prove against Shane McMahon either. All of it simply doesn't add up and it's led to a lot of confusion.

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