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3 Reasons why WWE is at fault for Sasha Banks situation and 3 reasons why she is at fault

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The Boss hasn't appeared in WWE since dropping the tag titles at WrestleMania 35.
The Boss hasn't appeared in WWE since dropping the tag titles at WrestleMania 35.

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To say that the situation between Sasha Banks and her position in the WWE is tumultuous is an understatement. Her refusal to show up after 'Mania isn't unprecedented, but it is one of the most recent examples of a current WWE superstar not even showing up for work in order to express unhappiness.

The former Neville did the same a few years ago when he was booked to lose the Cruiserweight Title to Enzo Amore after a dominant and lengthy reign. Neville was a top-notch performer while Amore got by because he was electric on the mic. In the ring, Amore wasn't the most technical.

Even before Neville sat at home until his contract ran out, the most infamous recent example has to be when CM Punk walked out of the WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble due to frustrations with WWE. One truth about the situation, and that usually is the case with situations like this, is that neither side is 100% right or 100% at fault.

Since the story will continue to go on until an agreement is reached between Banks and the WWE for either reconciliation or release, it will still remain a stalemate until things are rectified. In the meantime, here are three reasons why Banks is at fault and three reasons why WWE shares some of the faults.

Sasha is at fault - There are people who have been booked a lot worse than her

The Riott Squad hasn't fared the best in feuds over the last year.
The Riott Squad hasn't fared the best in feuds over the last year.

One thing that Sasha Banks may not have taken into account is that even if she feels that she is being under-booked, there are numerous other Superstars that have fared worse than she has. A prime example of this is the Riott Squad. While Riot may have gotten the upper hand at points in her feud with Natalya last Summer, she ultimately lost that feud.

Her group also lost almost every feud following that. That's not even mentioning the handling of the Squad during the whole Becky Lynch-Ronda Rousey-Charlotte Flair program build. Riot actually received a title shot at Elimination Chamber but was dispatched in less than two minutes.

If that isn't more unfavorable booking of a talented Superstar, then I don't know what is. And during the main event build for 'Mania, the whole 'Beat the Clock Challenge' that had no real purpose only made the Riott Squad look even worse. Morgan lost in under two minutes to Lynch, while Rousey and Flair dispatched of Riott and Sarah Logan respectively in under five minutes each.

While Banks has had some unfortunate bookings while on Raw, she's at least won a lot of matches, unlike the Riott Squad. Superstars like Dana Brooke and Mickie James rarely ever appeared on Raw and when they did, it was likely in a losing effort. There is a need for some wrestlers to lose to others, and the point is that Banks has fared a lot better than some other of the ladies on her show.

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