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3 Reasons why WWE is bringing pyro back to RAW and SmackDown

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5.76K   //    25 Sep 2019, 15:09 IST

Pyrotechnics will make its long-awaited return to WWE.
Pyrotechnics will make its long-awaited return to WWE.

If there is one thing that WWE fans miss most from the previous generation of WWE TV, it is the pyrotechnics. Pyro was synonymous with so many legendary WWE Superstars' entrances and an important weekly component to WWE television.

In mid-2017, WWE stopped using pyro for RAW, SmackDown, and normal PPVs. The company only used pyrotechnics for its biggest events like WrestleMania, SummerSlam and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows (Crown Jewel, Greatest Royal Rumble and Super Showdown).

For two plus years, pyro was nowhere to be seen and relegated as a relic of the past. That will all change soon. According to numerous reports, pyro will be making its grand return to weekly episodic WWE shows starting next week. In this article, we will examine several reasons why WWE is bringing back pyrotechnics to both RAW and SmackDown.

#3. To mark the beginning of a new era

SmackDown may get its iconic fist back.
SmackDown may get its iconic fist back.

WWE's second-biggest weekly show, SmackDown Live, will move to FOX on October 4th, 2019. That means WWE's apex shows, RAW and SmackDown LIVE, will air on different channels. Therefore, WWE is essentially entering into a new era - one in which the brand split is more relevant than ever before.

After the big draft scheduled for the second week of October, RAW Superstars will not cross over to SmackDown LIVE and similarly, SmackDown LIVE Superstars cannot cross over to the Red Brand. For the first time in a long time, there will be true division between the brands.

To mark the beginning of the new era, WWE may change the appearance of both RAW and SmackDown LIVE. Reportedly, SmackDown may even get its iconic fist back. This week's RAW and SmackDown LIVE will reportedly mark the end of the current stage design and both brands will receive new stage designs moving forward. Pyrotechnics will come along to not only mark the occasion and add to the celebration, but to also get things started off with a memorable bang.

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